Classroom News

Mrs. LeCroy and Ms. Spencer - October 25

Camp Cherokee

Reminders and Upcoming Events

Thank you for sending in candy and other items for our activity on Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 24 - End of 9 Weeks

Friday, October 26 - No School for Students

Monday, October 29 - No School for Students

Tuesday, November 6 - No School / Election Day


As the nine weeks comes to an end, we have to say how impressed we are with your children. They have all made a great transition to third grade. They are rising to meet and exceed expectations. We cannot wait to see what this next nine weeks holds!

Language Arts

We are beginning a Nonfiction Unit in Reading. Students took a pretest on Quia so that I could better plan an activity for them. Students will be working together over the upcoming weeks to create an iMovie about nonfiction features. The secret word is iMovie.

In writing, we are working hard to publish our narrative pieces. They are so good! We are hoping to be able to share these via Edmodo for each other to enjoy! Many have already posted, and are commenting to each other.


We have begun a unit on multiplication. Today is the first day we are focusing on facts. Students will be able to earn a multiplication license by passing each of the sets of facts. The are so many websites and apps to help with multiplication fact practice.

Social Studies

We have finished learning about the explorers that came from Spain, France, and England. We will begin to discuss the conflicts between the Native Americans and the Europeans that stemmed from trade and disease.


After we visited Camp Cherokee this week and took a closer look at erosion and deposition, we will continue to explore these concepts in the upcoming weeks. We have already talked about many ways that Earth Materials can be used. We will begin to look at the different features of the Earth (land and water).