#NSCW & OSCA Counselor of the Day!


#NSCW Day 2 - School Counselor of the Day!

Today we feature a wonderful school counselor for #NSCW (National School Counseling Week) Missy Smith. Each day this week we will feature a school counselor and give them an opportunity to brag on themselves and tell us about themselves!

Missy Smith, Elementary School Counselor in Norman, Oklahoma

Twitter Handle: @counselingsmith

How long have you been a counselor?

  • This is my second year as a school counselor. I had been working in community mental health as an LPC prior to moving into school counseling. I LOVE it!

What made you choose counseling?

  • I took a psychology class in high school and was hooked. Two of my favorite things to do are helping people and connecting with others- counseling is the perfect combination!

What do you like most about your job?

  • The students. They amaze me every day with their kindness and wisdom.

What is your favorite book?

  • Every Harry Potter book- I read all 7 every year in the summer.

Tell us about a memorable moment as a school counselor:

  • Last year, I had a student whose family was living in Nepal and lost their home in the big earthquake. She was feeling helpless and afraid, so we built a new home for her family- out of popsicle sticks and craft puff balls! It was meaningful for her to be able to do something tangible and concrete to comfort her family and it was a touching experience for me.

What is your vision for the field of school counseling?

  • I want our profession’s potential to be recognized. We as school counselors make a profound impact on the climate of our schools and act as advocates for all students. I hope that in time, priority will be placed on the functions of the counselor that will be the most impactful and beneficial for schools and that tasks that do not serve this purpose will be reassigned or eliminated so that we may focus on what we truly do best!

Where would you go on a dream vacation?

  • Hawaii. I love anything warm and tropical!