Advertising Manager

Olivia McKelvey

What is an Advertising Manager?

Advertising Managers develop programs to generate the interest of the service or product by interacting with sales, engineers, financial staff and art managers.

Most Advertising Managers find themselves working in an office like work environment. It is also common to be working for advertising agencies or industries with enterprises.


I'm interested in this career because I've taken some high school level marketing classes that have peeked my interest in the advertising field.

I like the level of creativity involved with advertising and I do well under pressure when working in a group environment (advertising managers often build teams of about 4-6 individuals to collaborate on an idea).

Education Path

Advertising Managers are required to obtain at minimum a bachelors degree usually under business administration, advertising or marketing. Top programs in the nation that excel in these fields can be found at the University of Florida and Boston University. The school that I plan to attend (Florida tech) has a marketing major that I plan on pursing in hopes of becoming a advertising manager.

Location: Orlando, Florida

The future job growth for Orlando, FL is 5%. The cost of living is 91.5 compared to the national average of 100. Pay in comparison to Ann Arbor is $13,000 less per household, however housing is much more affordable in Orlando along with utilities and groceries. I would like to live in Orlando because it houses Disneyland Headquarters which is where I would like to try and get a job as an advertising manager. The city has lots to offer such as a decent population (240,185), very little crime activity (crime rate is 81 compared to national average of 100), sunny, warm weather(233 days of they year) and lastly, Orlando has a very low unemployment rate for the area (5%).


Most people working in the advertising field say that it is a large commitment, but they all truly love what they do. They say it definitely requires strict discipline and time managment skills needed to meet deadlines. However, the networking involved with advertising makes for great business relationships Also, many said the job provided for a stable income that is adequate to support a family.