Abigail`s Goals

Mrs.Richards`5th Grade 2015

My Strengths and Weaknesses

My strengths are Litereture and social studies because Im good at it.

My Weaknesses are Math and science because im not really good at it now it`s hard for me.

My Goals For This Year

My Math goals for this year are to be better at Division and I want to get a A in math by studying.

My science goals for this year are to get better in the Scientific method because my Scientific method is hard for me,also study on it to because lets be real i need to work on it really bad Im very dissapointed in myself for no being as good in math i mean im good but not that good.

Personal Goal

My personal goal is to get better in soccer.Soccer is hard you have to turn different ways with your foot and use the outside of you foot to kick ball.

Who can help me?

The people who can help me are Mrs.Richards & Mrs.Cannada,Mrs.French,Mom,Dad because they learned all this.

What might distract me?

Something that can distract me from reaching these goals are talking,people.

One way i can keep people and talking distract me is to keep away from them and try and pay attention to what im doing.