6-Q Sixth Grade Assessment

Starts Today

Yes, that's right! 6-Q Sixth Grade Assessment starts today, Wednesday January 9, 2013. Starting today, 6-Q students will spend time "presearching" topics for the Sixth Grade Assessment (SGA). Presearching gives students an opportunity to find the necessary sources/materials in our Jamison library. During the presearching step of the assessment, students spend time finding encyclopedia articles, specialized reference books, nonfiction books and magazines, on-line database articles, and internet articles. 6-Q students will continue to presearch during library time on Wednesdays in January.

Sixth Grade Assessment

When Does It Officially Start

Here is the schedule for 6-Q's Sixth Grade Assessment:

Research in library - 2/20-2/22

Write research paper - 2/25-2/27

Create powerpoint and practice presentation - 3/1 and 3/4

Presentation - 3/5

Important Reminder: Sixth Grade Assessment is an in school project. Students are not permitted to save work to a flash drive and work on the assessment at home. We do encourage parents to talk about the assessment with your child. I appreciate your support with this project!

Click here for more information about Sixth Grade Assessment including rubrics: