All about dads 2016

for all

dads at work!

Does your dad have a 2016 job read all of these to find out. Frist is a key holder I think this is a person who holds keys like at a jail. Next is a pascoordnator I have no idea so please no not ask me. Next is a sales associate I think someone who sells stuff. nNext is a palo alto retail startup Im guessing a person who startups a palo alto retail place. Next is a employment person I think a person who cleans a school or a place. Next is a unified record coordinator I really do not know. Next is a floor asscciatept maybe a person who puts a floor in a bank or store. Next is a director a person who makes a movie. Next is a e-discory person a person who goes and find things film it then put it in to a movie. Next is a billings clerk a person who works in a store . Next is a program director I really do not know and that was the last one.

Dads rock

dads dreams

Do you ever wonder what goes on in your dads head well Im here to tell you frist is to be rich with gold something every dad wants maybe. Next is to travel the world and go see all those kind of things. Next is to have kids to take care of and care for and all that. Next is to own a own shop of his own so you can make money. Next is a giant house to live in and have all the rooms you can ask for and a mens den. Next is a awesome car like in movies.

best gifts for dads!

has your dad ever got you some thing awesome for your birthday or on chrismas well give the favor back and get your dad one of these things first is candy for dads that love rock candy and chews. Next is a cat or dog ext. Next is a shaving ket if your dad has a berd. Next is flowers and all that stuff. Next is books lots of books. Next is cookies so many cookies like m and ms. Next is socks for the guy. Next is a deck of cards. Next is a iPod so he can text everything.