11/14 Negotiation Session


Union Interest: Salary Increase; Your union team proposed an increase to the salary schedule in both years of the contract. We gave evidence supporting examples where EM-O leveraged district assets to save money in the last few years. Here are the reasons we believe our proposal is justified:

  • We believe the retirement incentive (and 85 retirees) will save the district over 1 million dollars.
  • We’ve been proactive in reducing health care costs for the district resulting in a savings of approximately 3 million dollars. Those cost savings will likely continue into the future as well because the of history of very low rate increases under PIEP.
  • There is an increase in the state funding formula for all school districts.
  • Over the past 4 years, we've helped absorb the pain of a poor economy and taken extremely modest increases of 0%, 1%, 1%, and 0%.
  • Average salary increases over the past four years has been over 2% per year statewide. Cumulatively, that's 8.2% to our 2%. The economy is improving and it's time to catch up.
  • The neighboring districts of Wayzata and Anoka Hennepin (districts we compete with for students and teachers) have higher salaries. We feel that in order to attract and retain the best teachers we should be competitive with these districts.

Proposal to the district: 4% in year 1 and a significant increase in year 2 as well.

We have Tentative Agreements on:

  • An item that combines the LMS MOU's on exchange days and includes Technology Integration Specialists.
  • All Extra/Co-Curricular positions will be posted on the district website.
  • Full time teachers who qualify and enroll in group term life insurance will be insured at the $50,000 level.
  • Alternative sites such as OALC, ACHIEVE, OSTC, and the Enrollment Center will now have 3 - 6 leaders as determined by the collaborative decision making process.

Tentative Agreements are tentative. They are not set in stone until the contract has been approved by the board and our membership.