Religious Figures

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Symbols of Religion

What symbols mean to religion

Symbols are a way of showin relevence to religion. Pictures andgood Objects associated with Catholic Religion would be the Cross, Bread and Wine, Dove and a Candle. The cross represents when Jesus died on the cross and gave his life to us, Bread and Wine represents Eucharist and Jesus turning his blood and body into them, a dove represents peace and harmony and the Candle represents light and joy.
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What rituals mean to religion

Rituals are really important to catholic religion, they are also known as a tradition, gathering, celebration and a meeting. Some of these catholic rituals include: Christmas, Easter, The pass over and the sign of the cross. Rituals don't just happen once, they are repeated for a long time.


What beliefs mean to religion

A belief is something that may not be real but to you it is. A belief means to religion that we have to believe in Jesus and God if we wish to go to heaven and live in the after life. If we don't believe in something life isn't really worth living
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What myths mean to religion

In religion, myths are a word you hear very often. Seeing as though there is no definite proof about some of the stories we call them a myth. We believe in those stories but some do not, so therefore they are called myths.

Sacred Texts

What sacred texts mean to religion

Sacred texts, otherwise known as the bible, is the stories of Jesus and his followers were kept over the years. Seeing as though these stories were written a long time ago, they have changed and been worded differently.

Social Structures

What social structures mean to religion

Social Structures is the order of hierarchy in a community. It has to do with there jobs and there role
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What ethics mean to religion

Ethics are the rules of religion. They set the bar and let people know what rules you have to follow to have a good relationship with the religion.
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Religious Experience

What religious experiences mean to religion

A religious experience is where you can feel gods presence with you. This may be at a very special place or a time when you are really happy
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