Richard Nixon

Ryo Yoshida

Election of Nixon

Election of 1968
  • Republicans nominated Richard Nixon
  • Called for victory in Vietnam and strong anticrime policy
  • Democrats nominated Hubert Humphrey
  • American Independent Party nominated George Wallace
  • Wallace wanted continuation of segregation for blacks
  • Won the election of 1968 by 500,000 popular votes over Humphrey

Election of 1972

  • Nixon ran against Democrat George McGovern
  • Nixon won by a landslide

Vietnam War

  • Vietnamization: Nixon's policy to withdraw forces from South Vietnam over an extended period of time
  • For several years, North Vietnamese have been using Cambodia for troops and supplies
  • He ordered troops to Cambodia
  • November 1973- Congress passed the War Powers Act, requiring the President to report all commitments of US troops to foreign exchanges within 48 hours

Policy of "Détente"

  • Soviet Union and China were fighting over Marxism
  • Nixon saw this as opportunity to relieve tensions with foreign countries
  • Ushered an era of détente or relaxed tensions between Soviet Union and China

Watergate, Impeachment, and Ultimate Resignation

  • June 1972- 5 men working for Republican Committee for the Re-election of the President were caught breaking into the Watergate hotel and bugging rooms
  • Resulted in huge scandal and Congress demanded tapes to be sent to them
  • July 1974- Congress approved the first article of impeachment for obstruction of justice
  • August 8, 1974- Nixon's resignation