By: Madi, Emily, Jack, Bethany, and Alaina

What is Bullying?

Bullying is a repeated action meaning to harm another or make them feel like they are less them everyone else. It can be done physically, or emotionally. Punching or hitting, calling someone a mean name, or even making mean comments about them through social media. Which ever it is, it needs to stop!

Why do people bully others?

People bully others because of many different reason, sometimes the bully is have problems at home or with their social life, sometimes they do it because they feel like they will have more power, or maybe they had been bullied before. Before you make someone else feel bad, walk a mile in their shoes.

What are the effects of bullying?

Kids that are bullied may become depressed and self-harm themselves, they may want to skip school or even dropout, they can lose friends leading to loneliness and their health may become bad. But bullying isn't only unhealthy for the victim but also the one bullying. They are more likely abuse drugs or alcohol, get it to fights and have a criminal background, and they may become abusive.

What can you do to stop bullying?

Stand up, if you see someone being bullied, don't let it happen. If you are afraid the bully will come after you, get a teacher. If you are a victim of bullying get help, tell a teacher, or even get a good group of friends you know will stand up for you, if it is over social media get an adult or print out the comment and take it to an adult, today there are laws about bullying, so the bully will be punished, and then block them or shut off your computer, phone, iPod, etc., but most of all do not let the bully control your life.