Quitters Inc.

Written by: Stephen King , Poster by: Ellie Purgavie


The major conflict in this story is that Morrison, the main character, is addicted to cigarettes. He runs into an old friend who recommends to him that he should go to a place for treatment that apparently worked well for him. But when Morrison signs up for the treatment, he realizes the next day that he cannot get out of it. He is then told that he will be watched on and off for the rest of his life, and if he smokes, his wife and child will be hurt. The story follows this major struggle, and the question "Will Morrison be able to stop his addiction in order to protect his wife and child?"

Plot Line


The story starts with Morrison sitting at a bar and being confronted by Jimmy McCann. Jimmy goes on to explain a treatment that he took for addiction to cigarettes, which Morrison is struggling with. Morrison takes the card with the address of the treatment center, and goes to it later on in the month to sign up.

Rising Action:

As the story progresses, the treatment is explained to Morrison in depth. He finds out that there are 10 levels of punishment if he smokes, and he will be watched on and off for the rest of his life. He also learns that in the levels of punishment, it is not him that will get hurt, but his wife and son.


The climax of the story occurs when Morrison decides to smoke months later, even though he is risking so much. He then gets a call that he must go to the treatment center to watch his wife get electrocuted for 30 seconds.

Falling Action:

In this section of the story, Morrison is again called into the treatment center, and is given a certain weight that he can not exceed. He learns that if he exceeds the weight, his wife's pinky finger will be cut off.


The resolution of this story comes when Morrison sees Jimmy McCann again, this time with his wife. But, when Morrison shakes Jimmy's wife's hand, he quickly realizes that her pinky finger is cut off.

Main Characters


This story is very compelling, interesting, and exciting in many ways. The author makes sure to use unsettling situations and threatening situations to increase the excitement in the story alive. I think that by doing this, the story is very fun to read and well-written. I think that other people would like to read this story because it is a very interesting plot line and includes a little bit of sci-fi, which makes the story interesting and intriguing. This story makes me think about how my actions affect those around me .


In this story, I found a few examples of foreshadowing, but one of the biggest was the relation between the bunny and Morrison's family. A little bit into the story, the author has Morrison and Donatti examine a bunny. Morrison is intrigued, but then Donatti begins to electrocute the bunny. This was a very confusing thing that happened in the story. Later on in the story, however the idea of the bunny is explained by Donatti. "Quitters Inc., Donatti had explained further, operated in a ten-step punishment scale. Steps six, seven, and eight consisted of further trips to the rabbit room (and increased voltage) and more serious beatings. The ninth step would be the breaking of his sons arms" (8). As seen from the quote, the bunny represented just one of the many punishments that would occur to Morrison's family if he smoked.


In this story there was one large theme that had a big impact. It follows the idea that all bad actions come with bad reactions and consequences. These reactions and consequences are not just affecting yourself, but also those around you. I think that this theme also shows that even if you are doing something that will benefit you, that doesn't make it okay to make the bad decision. Because everything comes with a consequence, you have to look at the gains and losses from doing the action. In the long run, it is likely that the losses trump the gains. For example, when Morrison made the very risky decision to smoke, it endangered both his wife and sons health, all from one small action, so obviously the gain was not worth or better than what would happen to his family.