Manpreet's Virtual Resume


S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Reachable


Academic SMART Goal

My SMART goal for grade 12 is to work my hardest to achieve above an 85% average.

S: I want to achieve above 85% average in grade 12 by the end of the year, which is around the end of June.

M: To keep track of my grades to figure out if I need to try more harder to reach my goal, I will record my marks and add them up regularly.

A: I will attain this goal by working my hardest in each subject by studying ahead for upcoming teats, putting more of an effort in my assignments, and summatives.

R: I am currently getting an 81% average for my semester two mid-term and i will work towards improving my average.

T: I am only in grade 10 right now so this gives my more than enough time to work towards my goal.

Volunteer SMART Goal

My SMART goal for volunteering is to be able to achieve the volunteering award by earning as many hours required.

S: I want to earn about 200 hours of volunteering in my community and I want to do this before I graduate out of school.

M: I would keep track of the hours I have already earned and add them up regularly to see where I am at that point.

A: At this point I only have around 40 hours however, I look for more opportunities and events where I can volunteer and give back.

R: I am currently volunteering as a soccer coach for younger kids for about 2 hours twice a week. By the end of the season I will have reached even closer to my goal, leaving a few more hours to reach.

T: I have a least two more years to achieve my goal, that is enough time to work hard and be able to be rewarded with a volunteering award.



Future Job Resume

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Challenges and Solutions

Manpreet Banait



Ms. Ngo

June 15th, 2016.

Challenges and Solutions You Face As a Pharmacist

Becoming a pharmacist comes with hard work and dedication, going into college or university to study many concepts and learn about many medications. However, later on, the workforce is somewhere that you would prefer to be, but being a pharmacist does come with challenges that you might face in the field. Some of these challenges include dealing with patients and non-adherence to medication.

To begin, one of the challenges that a pharmacist faces in their workforce is dealing with patients. The field of a pharmacist involves you to interact and talk to many patients on a regular basis, no matter what field of pharmacy you go into. From answering questions and explaining the patient’s prescription to them, includes a lot of communication skills. It might seem obvious but working with patients is what pharmacy is all about. This means that its best to work on your interpersonal communication skills, a way where you can communicate complex medical information to patients that is easy for them to understand as well. To overcome this challenge you can practice communicating with others around you, it’s always better to get out of your comfort zone.

Moving further, the second challenge that a pharmacist faces while at work is non-adherence to medication. The meaning of medication adherence is that patients take their medicines as prescribed.A statistic says, “that almost three out of every four Americans do not take their medication appropriately. This critical statistic plays a role contributing to about 125,000 deaths each year” (Pharmacyforme). This issue is a challenge for many pharmacists, for they have to be sure to give the right medication and how to take it. The solution to this challenge could be strengthening the relationship between the pharmacist and the patient.

Overall, the job of a pharmacist comes with much commitment and devotion, with facing challenges on a regular basis with patients or co-workers. However, once you get into a good habit of tackling these challenges it becomes easier working in this field.

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