Computer Repair & Classes

Computer Problems? Let us help!

At Gardin Technologies we specialize in offering creative solutions for all your technical needs. Services include:

Data Backup & Recovery

It is no secret that computers are delicate machinery. A dropped hard drive or infected operating system can cause irreparable damage to priceless family photos or important financial data. With the use of special tools, in many situations this data is recoverable.

Virus Removal

We specialize in the quick and efficient removal of viruses and other malicious programs, which may compromise not only productivity, but also sensitive personal and financial data.

Other Services:

· New Computer and Printer Setup

· Increase Your Computer’s Speed!

· Wireless Home Internet Setup & Internet Filtering

· Much More!

Computer Classes

Enjoy personalized computer classes on the topics of your choosing! Learn to maximize your productivity with general use or specific courses tailored to your needs.

Evening hours available. Please contact us for additional information!