Park Rangers

Kevin Lemens

Looking for a rewarding job? Look no further.

Park Rangers are a magnificent choice if you are looking for a rewarding career and wanting to enjoy the nice weather. Instead of a stuffy, cramped, boring office, you get the awesome experience of working outside with wilderness sounds and smells and you get the opportunity to help lovely families to enjoy the beauty of nature.

What Park Rangers do

Park Rangers do a variety of a lot of different things. They study wildlife, guide and help tourists, supervising large maintenance crews, monitor park activities, and they enforce park rules. If someone breaks a rule, Park Rangers could arrest them and send them to jail!

Park Rangers in action!


I know you want to know the salary. Well, here it is. $51,160 a year. That is $51,160 for working outside with wildlife, helping people, and having the best time of your life. This cannot be correct. Happiness + Fun = Money?


If you need a flexible work schedule, Park Rangers offer that. You can come in any time to work, but the total number has to add up to 40 hours a week. Sometimes if there is an emergency, you would have to work a little more that usual.

Qualities and Skills

To succeed in being a Park Ranger, you need some important qualities and skills. Number 1: You need a Bachelors Degree in forestry or Natural Resources. Number 2: You need good people skills. That is all you need to become a Park Ranger.


Once you start a career path with Park Rangers, you would work for the state government. Once you gain knowledge and experience with being a Park Ranger, You can earn more money, gain more responsibilities and trust, and supervise more people. You then can advance to positions such as park supervisors and natural resources administrators.

High School Classes that will help with your success as a Park Ranger

There are many different classes that will help with your success as a Park Ranger. Some classes may include: Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Natural Resources, and Tech Prep classes.


Being a Park Ranger isn't just about helping wildlife, it is about our fellow human beings and don't forget yourself. Park Rangers are underrated. Park Rangers change the world behind the scenes. Now, you have the opportunity to change the world; behind the scenes.