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September 21, 2021

Collins Coyotes

Creating connected, capable, contributing learners who achieve their highest potential every day

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September 22 - 2:35 early dismissal

September 29 - 2:35 early dismissal

October 4 - NO SCHOOL, teacher training

October 5-8 - Student-led conferences, 12:35 dismissal

A Message From Dr. Mondloch

Greetings, Collins families,

We hope the start of the school year has been a positive experience for your families. We are certainly enjoying working with your child(ren) this fall. Our student-led conferences are coming up during the first week of October. If you haven’t already, please sign up for a conference using our sign-up tool (see below) or, if you are having trouble scheduling, reach out to the teacher for assistance. Our goal is to meet with 100% of our families. If you need an interpreter, please make sure the teacher is aware.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we follow the health department protocols to keep students and staff safe. We want our students at school whenever possible. Please see the Health Department infographic that explains how they determine how long a student needs to be out in case of exposure or illness. Our teachers will work with families to provide work while students are out.

We know large traffic volumes due to COVID make parent pick-up and drop-off more congested and therefore stressful. We appreciate your patience and kindness with one another and us. To keep the traffic flowing in the morning and off 128th, please stay in the left lane and pull to open areas of the drop-off zone all the way to where the yellow sign is. Please do not pull into the curb side and continue driving forward to get your child a little bit closer to the front door. A short walk in the morning is good for their brains. As a review, the left lane is for moving and the right lane is for parking. We appreciate your cooperation!

Last week was a great reminder that we get lots of rain in the Pacific Northwest. Especially when social distancing is required, we go outside rain or shine. If you need help purchasing a rain poncho or waterproof footwear for your child, please let us know. We want our Coyotes to be comfortable at school. Some choose to get wet—please know that if that happens, they will not be able to call home in most cases for a change of clothes.

We have attached our current dress code for school. It is currently under review, and we welcome parent input. If you would like to take part in the dress code review, please email me at and I will send you an invitation.

Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions. Take good care, Collins families. We appreciate you!


Dr. Mondloch


Conference Week

Student-led conferences are right around the corner! Please be sure to sign up using to schedule a time with your student and their teacher!

Kick-off Assembly

Our virtual Kick-off assembly reminded our Coyotes of the 4 BEs: Be Safe; Be Responsible; Be Cooperatve; and Be Respectful! Two lucky winners had their Bee Slips drawn and won t-shirts. The winners were Zeydah Quichocho and Makana Burley!

Notes from Nurse Marta!

Staying home when sick is essential to keeping infections out of schools and preventing the spread to others. Students and school employees who have symptoms of infectious illness, such as influenza (flu), COVID-19 or a cold, should stay home and seek medical evaluation, which may include testing for COVID-19 and other respiratory infections. Parents must notify the main office or nurse if a student has ANY symptoms. For questions, please call nurse Marta at 253.298.3408.

Is your child too sick to come to school?


Please monitor the following BEFORE sending your child to school each day. Does your child have ANY of these symptoms that are not attributable to another condition documented by a doctor?

One of the following symptoms

o Fever of 100.4 or higher

o Cough

o Loss of taste or smell

o Shortness of breath

· 2 or more of the following symptoms

o Fatigue

o Headache

o Muscle or body aches

o Sore throat

o Congestion or runny nose

o Nausea or vomiting

o Diarrhea

One of the following symptoms that last longer than 24 hours

o Fatigue

o Headache

o Muscle or body aches

o Sore throat

o Congestion or runny nose

o Nausea or vomiting

o Diarrhea

· Positive COVID case in the home

· Notified that your child has been deemed a close contact by the health department.

If so, DO NOT send them to school. Call Collins Elementary.

When a student has the symptoms listed above, they could be absent for 10 to 14 days. If the recommendation is for the student to be absent 10 or 14 days, they may be encouraged to be tested or seen by a medical provider. Under some circumstances, students can return earlier with a negative COVID PCR test (rapid test not accepted). Each case has multiple factors that determine how long a student will be absent for. Thank you for your help in keeping our Collins community healthy!!

If your child will be absent or has any symptoms, always call:

Collins Elementary Attendance, 253-298-3406

Nurse Marta, 253-298-3408

Big picture

Collins Dress Code

Collins Elementary is a community for learning and growth. We want our learning environment to be safe, comfortable, respectful and free from distractions. Students benefit from being dressed for movement, comfort, weather, and safety. Students will refrain from wearing anything profane, lewd, disrespectful or that could cause a disruption to school operation.

Headwear and Accessories

· Hats and caps are allowed outside. Students are expected to honor the adult’s policy for indoor hat removal.

· Students are currently required to wear masks for safety, except when eating or on an approved outdoor mask-break (at least 6 feet apart from others). The rest of faces should be visible. For example, students are not allowed to hoodies zipped over their faces.

· Sunglasses may be worn outdoors.

· Accessories (jewelry, headbands, etc.) will be allowed only if they are not causing a distraction.

· High-value items should be left at home to prevent loss or damage.

Tops and Bottoms

· Tops should cover stomachs and chests. There is no sleeve requirement, provided coverage is sufficient.

· For short skirts or dresses, we ask students to wear shorts underneath (for sitting on the floor, fitness class or climbing on recess equipment).

· Undergarments and bottoms should be covered by clothing including when sitting on the floor (crisscross applesauce style).


We want students to be able to play actively and participate in Fitness. Inappropriate footwear may inhibit a child’s ability to participate in some activities.

· Children should wear footwear that is safe for physical activity and weather.

· Flip flops are not recommended for fitness (PE) or playing on recess equipment.

· Waterproof boots or shoes are highly encouraged during wet weather. We go out to recess rain-or-shine, and most students are uncomfortable in wet shoes and socks. Feel free to leave an extra pair of socks in the backpack.


Students should be prepared to go outside for recess during all types of weather.

· Rain jackets or panchos and with hoods or hats are highly encouraged during wet weather.

· Please label outerwear with the student’s first and last name or teacher-code (ex. grade-initial, such as K-L for Kindergarten-Luebke); Students often take off outerwear at recess and forget it on the playground. When clothing is labeled, we can get it back to the owner.

If purchasing rainboots or rain jackets is a hardship to families, please let our counselor, Ms. Bobbi, or their teacher know and we will help.

Dress-code issues will be addressed by school staff. In the case of disrespectful or disruptive attire, students will be asked to change clothes or fix the problem and parents will be notified. Hats or accessories that pose a distraction may be held for parent pick-up. Parents, we thank you for your assistance in helping your children make wise choices about their school attire.

Collins Cares

Collins stands in solidarity with our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

PTA Information

Collins Elementary PTA BOARD 2021-2022

Communications Chair-Lexani Johnson

Secretary - Jessica Collisides

Treasurer- Meaghan Brassey

Vice President- Chrissy Richardson

President-Shauna Orallo

We are always looking for new volunteers for the PTA. There are many more opportunities to help with PTA. Any help is always welcome. If you have any suggestions or skills that you think will help our PTA I encourage you to please reach out to us at