Fulton Science Academy High School


January 29, 2021

A Reminder from Dr. Sener; Head of School

Dear FSA Parents,

I hope that you are doing well and staying safe.

I would like to kindly inform you that this year our priority re-enrollment for our current students ends on Friday, February 5th, 2021.

I have some good news for you about our school’s growth. We plan to grow by another 70 students to reach 810 students for this next school year. As in past years, we are receiving many more applications than we can accept. We understand that the community’s awareness of the academic growth gap between public schools and private schools is increasing during the pandemic. Our school stands out as an excellent option for those who do not wish to risk their students’ academic growth anymore. Accordingly, we are observing a massive increase in applications this year. Just two weeks ago, 60 students were tested for admission in only one week. This many admission tests in only one week has never happened before in our school’s history. What makes us even happier is that a large majority of these families chose word of mouth as their reason for interest in our school. Credit goes to our outstanding teachers, students, and very supportive school community.

Additionally, our top-notch high school program is attracting a lot of attention from the community as one of the highest-ranking high schools in the state with high quality AP and honors course offerings, daily college preparation classes, 97% AP exam pass rate, 1400 SAT average for current seniors, 100% four-year college acceptances to top colleges, a small student-teacher ratio of 1 to 8, and one college counselor for every 70 students.

At this time, your space at our school is reserved and will not be offered to any new applicants until Friday, February 5th, 2021. However, after priority enrollment for our current students ends on Friday, February 5th, the remaining spots will be offered to new applicants, and there will no longer be a guaranteed spot for those who miss the February 5th re-enrollment deadline.

Last year, several of our families missed this critical deadline and only reached out to us after their spots were offered to new applicants. When this happened and we couldn’t help our families, it was a very difficult situation.

Therefore, I am sharing this with you to ensure that you are aware of this important deadline and make your re-enrollment decision by February 5th, 2021.

Please let Mrs. Walsh (pwalsh@fultonscienceacademy.org) know if you have any questions about the re-enrollment process.

I am always available for your questions as well.

Thank you for your continued support of our school.

For detailed information on re-enrolling your student, please read the re-enrollment section below.

With gratitude,

Dr. Kenan Sener


FSA's High School Counselors

The Mission of the Fulton Science Academy Private School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive and developmental counseling program for all students. This program is designed to empower all students in mind, body, and spirit by promoting and supporting personal, social, emotional, and academic growth, and development.

Mr. Michael M. Oz

School Counselor & College Guidance


(678) 366-2555 ext:112

Last Names A - KI

Ms. Hibbah Agha

Professional School Counselor 9th – 12th grade


(678) 366-2555 ext:158

Last Names KO - Z

Updates from Ms. Agha!

Many of you already know that I got married on 12/12/2020. I just received some of the professional photos, so I wanted to share this major milestone with my FSA family. It was a week long event and had me out of office a majority of December. If you add wedding planning on top of a pandemic, it makes for one crazy year. I’m proud to say i truly enjoyed my wedding. I felt the love of so many people, including my FSA family. Fun Fact: Nabeel was one of our speakers for Career Week during Spring 2020 if you’re wondering why he looks familiar.
Welcome to Ms. Agha's Intern; Frances Hattink

Frances Hattink is a Graduate Student in Mercer University’s School Counseling Program. She is working with Mrs. Agha as an intern this semester at FSA. Originally from Atlanta, Frances attended The Lovett School and then earned a Bachelor of Science in English from Presbyterian College. In her undergraduate studies, Frances majored in English and minored in business with a focus on Women and Gender Studies and Family Structures. As she is passionate about higher-education and purposed based decision making, Frances aims to work with the high school population assisting students with their post-graduation goals. Frances is a dog-mom to a black lab, Tuck. Outside of school and work, Frances enjoys cooking, listening to music, spending time in the mountains, and spending quality time with her friends and family.


Fulton Science Academy provides a comprehensive and developmental counseling program for students in all grade levels. This program is designed to meet student needs by promoting and supporting personal, social, emotional, and academic growth.

Learn More about our High School Program

In high school, students have the option of choosing either honors or AP classes. Our college counselor works closely with students to build their four-year plans and implement them successfully...


FSA uses X2VOL as a tool to record your community service hours. Whenever you complete any community service hours, please make sure to:

1. Complete community service hours

2. Enter these hours into your account at www.x2vol.com

3. Get them validated by the contact person of the service organization/program

4. If you do not have a contact person, please upload any proof of service (letters, photos, other evidence, e.g.)

5. Reach out to your counselor and we will approve your hours

If you cannot get it validated due to any reasons, still reach your counselor and we will work on it with you to validate them.

Picture Day for Virtual Students is Tomorrow (1/30)

Dear FSA Families,

You should already be receiving emails from Lifetouch for picture ordering (from email: picturedayreminder@parentnotify.com); Please remember to wear your appropriate school uniform (red polo for grades PK-8 and white button down for high school students). Please be reminded that in following FSA COVID protocols, if you have had exposure, please do not come to the school for pictures. The below procedural information will be broken down depending upon if your students are on campus or virtual:

Please know that Seniors do not need their pictures made as they have already completed their pictures for this school year.

January 30, 2021 (Saturday): Virtual Students

  • Please see the schedule below grouped alphabetically by last name. Please arrive several minutes before your designated time slot. Enter the FRONT door of the school where students will pick up their picture card to present to the photographer. From there, your student will be directed to their wait line. At all times, students will maintain 6’ distance and wear masks. For grades, PK-3, one parent is allowed to accompany your student(s) if needed. In this case, the parent must also wear a mask at all times and keep a 6’ safe space between themselves and other parties. Upon completion of pictures, your student will exit the left front door of the gym (on the front circle). Please be close enough to retrieve your student upon their exiting. Also, please be advised that all parents waiting for their student(s) should maintain safe distance from other parties in an effort to keep our school community safe.

  • Schedule for Saturday:

    • 9:00 - 9:30 Last Names A-C

    • 9:30 - 10:00 Last Names D-G

    • 10:00 - 10:30 Last Names H-J

    • 10:30 - 11:00 Last Names K

    • 11:00 - 11:30 Last Names L-N

    • 11:30 - 12:00 Last Names O-R

    • 12:00 - 12:30 Last Names S

    • 12:30 - 1:00 Last Names T-Z

  • Should you run late for your appointment time, you may still come for pictures up until 1:00; however, please inform the front table upon your arrival and know your wait time may be impacted. Due to the number of students being photographed, please make every effort to arrive on time.

We appreciate your flexibility in helping our staff and Lifetouch obtain pictures for all of our students. These photos will be used for student identification cards as well as yearbook photos. We will, however, provide an accommodation to any family who is not comfortable coming on campus for pictures. This information will be sent early February. Should you have any questions concerning our procedures for picture day, feel free to email me. Picture ordering questions, however, should be directed to Lifetouch. Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces soon!

Mrs. Griffis


To Order Your Lifetouch Pictures Follow the Steps Below

  • Visit https://my.lifetouch.com
  • Enter your Picture Day ID : EVT3D9ZMK
  • Order your perfect package

Quote of the Week

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February Calendar

January 30 - Picture Day for Virtual Students

February 12 - Good Conduct Dress Down Day

February 15 - Presidents' Day Holiday (No School)

February 16 - 19 : School-Wide Career Week (More info Below)


  • 2021-2022 New Enrollment for Siblings of Current FSA Students
  • FSA's Annual Fundraising | Our Goal is 100% Participation
  • It's time to order your yearbook
  • Senior Spotlight | Jacob Grigsby
  • ICYMI: Mustang News from This Week
  • Science Olympiad Team takes Top Honors at University of Chicago
  • Mental Matters | Part 2 of a 3 Part Wellness Series
  • Have you thought about enrolling in Dual Enrollment Courses?
  • Spring Sports Tryouts Begin Next Week on Feb. 2nd.
  • Empower and inspire in your Mustang Talk, a spin on TED Talks!
  • Career Week for High School Students | February 16 - 19
  • KSU Dual Enrollment Information Sessions
  • UC Santa Barbara’s 2021 Pre-College Programs
  • Interested in Aerospace?
  • Now Accepting Applications for BU’s Pre-College Summer Programs
  • And More!


Dear FSA Families,

With the new year comes the Annual FSA Re-enrollment period. 2021-2022 re-enrollment contracts are now ready to view and submit. Re-enrollment contracts and deposits are due by Friday, February 5th, 2021 at 11:59 pm. After the February 5th deadline, any remaining spaces will be offered to new students/families. Please be prompt in submitting the contracts and payments. At this time, for the 2020-2021 school, most grade levels from Pre-k to 11th grade are full. A number of our FSA families were put on the waitlists last year after they missed the re-enrollment deadline and lost their original spots to new families.

To access your child’s re-enrollment contract, please login in to https://fultonscienceacademy.myschoolapp.com/app/#login

Once again the deadline for completion of re-enrollment contracts and payment of re-enrollment fees in Smart Tuition is Friday, February 5, 2021.

How to login and review FSA Re-enrollment contracts:

  1. Click on the link. https://fultonscienceacademy.myschoolapp.com/app/#login That takes you to the Fulton Science Academy. Inc login page.

  2. Forgot Login? If you do not remember your login credentials please follow the “Forgot Login” prompts

  3. Yellow Banner: Parents will be able to access the contracts by clicking on the yellow banner that appears across the top of the screen.

  4. Smart Family ID: Please have your 2020-2021 Smart Family ID available as they will need to be entered to open the contracts.

  5. Payment Plans: Please select the same payment plan for all students in your family. You may change plans after submission by contacting Mr. Kurt. The Full payment plan and 9 month payment plan remain the same. For both plans, you will pay the tuition deposit and fees of $1150 when you submit the contract online. If you choose the Full payment plan you will then login into your Smart Tuition account to pay the balance. The 1st monthly payment on the 9 month plan will be due May 5, 2021.

  6. All Discounts: Full Tuition discount, Sibling discounts, etc are applied manually to Smart Tuition by the Business Office after the contract is submitted online. You will not see discounts reflected in the contract totals prior to submission.

  7. Having problems? Please contact Pam Walsh at pwalsh@fultonscienceacademy.org if you have any problems logging in, viewing and submitting the contracts or if any error messages appear. If you do get an error message, please send me a screenshot with a description of the problem.

  8. Not Returning? Just send me an email with your child’s name and grade and a statement that is your intention to enroll in another and that you understand that after February 5th all open spots will be offered to new applicants.

It is my hope that re-enrollment goes smoothly for all our FSA families and that we continue together into the 2021-2022 school year.

-Pam Walsh | Admissions Director

2021-2022 New Enrollment for Siblings of Current FSA Students

Are you a current FSA family with another child that you want to enroll at FSA for the 2021-2022 school year? If you are, and you have not already done so, please complete this inquiry form: https://fultonscienceacademy.myschoolapp.com/app/embed#inquiry/29544

Once this is processed, you may access your child’s admissions checklist on our admissions/enrollment website. On the website you can schedule admissions testing, send teacher recommendation requests to your child’s current teacher and upload grade reports, etc.

What? You have already filled out the form but have not scheduled assessments, etc? You don’t remember the web link or your username or password? I can help you with all of that!

Forgotten Login instructions:

  • Go to https://fultonscienceacademy.myschoolapp.com/app/#login

  • Click the “forgot login or 1st time logging in?” button.

  • On the next pop up screen enter your email address

  • Select “username” and/or “password” depending on what you need

  • Click send.

  • Confirm your 1st and last name

  • Click send again.

  • 1 or 2 emails will be sent – one containing your username and another containing a link to create your password

  • Unable to Login? Please take a screenshot of the error message and email it to pwalsh@fultonscienceacademy.org. The most common issue is email addresses that were entered for more than one user on the inquiry form.

Please email me, Pam Walsh, with any admissions/enrollment questions you may have. My email is pwalsh@fultonscienceacademy.org. Also, remember that I do not have a landline in my office, so email and zoom are the best methods to contact me.

FSA's Annual Fundraising | Our Goal is 100% Participation

This year our goal is to raise $200,000 with 100% participation from our families. Thanks to our generous families and community members, we have already raised $78,756 so far.

The funding from annual fundraising will be used for the third phase of our campus expansion, including the athletics field and arts center.

Please be reminded that any parent donating $1,000 or more will also earn a brick to be placed at our school entrance.

Please CLICK HERE to join our annual fundraising!

A heartfelt thank you for your support of our school. We are stronger together.

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It's time to order your yearbook

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Senior Spotlight | Jacob Grigsby

Senior Spotlight | Jacob Grigsby

ICYMI: Mustang News from This Week

Mustang News; January 25, 2021
HEADLINES: 1/25/21
  • - The results are in for FSA’s song contest
  • - Some Science Olympiad competition results
Mustang News; January 27, 2021

HEADLINES: 1/27/21

  • We reveal the next winner of the song contest,
  • FSA’s Future Business Leaders of America made great strides,

  • It’s time complete the MNT Survey,

  • And an FSA 6th grader received the Bronze President's Volunteer Service Award


The Mustang News Team invites you to complete a brief survey to help them take their production to the next level. As they look to make improvements and adjustments they would like to hear from you, their loyal viewers.

This is MNT's third year on air, and the group is always expanding and growing it's skillset. They have been recognised nationally twice by NSPA with top 10 award placements ( National Scholastic Press Association). High school students, after serving four consecutive semesters on the production, are eligible to be nominated to the National Journalism Honor Roll (Society).

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Science Olympiad Team takes Top Honors at University of Chicago

The Science Olympiad Team placed first among nearly 60 teams at the Invitational hosted by the University of Chicago last Saturday. Team members placed first in 12 of the 18 events, medaled in all but two events, and beat the second place team by 123 points. “This was definitely a good tournament for us,” said head coach Pam Walsh. “We always tell our team that the clinking of medals is music to a coach’s ears and if we weren’t virtual, there would have been a lot of clinking from this tournament!”

Team captain Nick A. competed in five events (the most possible) and placed first in all of them. The remaining Team 1 members won at least one medal each and four of our Team 2 members also placed. “It was pretty obvious that the emcees for the Awards Ceremony were growing tired of announcing `Fulton Science Academy,’ but of course we loved it,” said Mrs. Walsh.

The team competes in the Harvard-Brown Invitational on Sunday.

Anatomy & Physiologycoached by Dr. Naragarajan

  • 1st Place – Varsha R. and Aarushi

Circuit Labcoached by Mr. Ackaramongkolrotn

  • 1st Place – Nick and Eric

Crime Busterscoached by Ms. Doss

  • 8th Place – Sanjana and Madison

Density Labcoached by Mr. Ackaramongkolrotn

  • 1st Place – Nick and Karthik

Disease Detectivescoached by Mrs. Nori

  • 1st Place – Navya and Varsha R.

Dynamic Planet – coached by Mrs. Walsh

  • 1st Place – Gann and Tejash
  • 4th Place – Siri and Pranav K.

Experimental Design – coached by Mrs. Stathos

  • 4th Place – Tanish, Navya, and Sidd

Food Science – coached by Ms. Oliver

  • 5th Place – Navya and Akarsh

Fossils coached by Ms. Beres

  • 1st Place – Weston and Gann

Game Oncoached by Ms. Detchprohm

  • 1st Place – Gann and Nathan
  • 8th Place – Shaurya and Blake

Hereditycoached by Mr. Karp

  • 1st Place – Sidd and Aarushi

Machinescoached by Mr. Ackaramongkolrotn

  • 1st Place – Nick and Eric

Meteorologycoached by Ms. Limpanatevin

  • 1st Place – Nick and Gann

Ornithologycoached by Mrs. Butler

  • 4th Place – Weston and Gann

Reach for the Stars coached by Mr. Crigler & Mrs. Walsh

  • 1st Place – Nick and Gann

Road Scholarcoached by Mrs. Stathos

  • 1st Place – Sanjana and Madison

Mental Matters | Part 2 of a 3 Part Wellness Series

The FSA parent community participated in a Mental Matters presentation that focused on mental health of parents during the pandemic. The event was organized by FSA’s counseling department. Elementary School Counselor Jessica Lyle told Mustang news that, “The sessions focus on one element of mental health and wellness practices. Each session is facilitated by an experienced licensed therapist to give helpful tips and practice that improve the mental health of adults and children”.

The Mental Matters program is a three part family wellness series. The goal is to help students develop academically and personally and offer a way, to connect families to community resources that help integrate the personal and social aspects of learning. Each session is facilitated by an experienced licensed therapist offering helpful tips to improve the overall mental health of adults and children.

The final session in this series will be offered in February. The first session was related to helping students cope with anxiety, while this one looked at a breathing activity and meditation. This program is for all grade levels.

Have you thought about enrolling in Dual Enrollment Courses?

Dear FSA Students and Parents,

As we started planning next school year, it is a great time for our parents and students to start researching dual enrollment programs and colleges. Dual enrollment courses are the courses offered by colleges and provide the opportunity to get a taste of college courses while getting College and High School credits at the same time.

What are the similarities and differences between AP Courses and Dual Enrollment Courses: Both options provide the rigorous education that colleges look for. AP Courses are standardized high school courses that prepare students for the AP exams and reported weighted on the transcripts. Dual Enrollment courses are also weighted, but its rigor changes from one college to another. There are no standardized exams at the end of the semester and usually require a Final exam required by the professor and the college.

What is our recommendation? Since FSA offers most of the courses under the AP curriculum, colleges expect to see our students prioritizing AP courses when possible. We also would like our students to experience their first college-level courses while in high school to learn the college dynamics and understanding its culture. Please make your own research from the links below and feel free to reach your counselor, Ms. Agha, or myself for any questions or concerns.

Here are some resources for researching your options and funding information.

1. University System of Georgia Dual Enrollment information general page:


2. University System of Georgia Dual Enrollment options and admission requirements from all different schools in the state of Georgia:


3. GA Tech's Distance Math, Distance Computers, and Distance Science Programs:


4. Information on funding:


PS. We will also cover these topics during our College Prep hours in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!


Michael M. Oz

School Counselor & College Counselor

Spring Sports Tryouts Begin Next Week on Feb. 2nd.

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Empower and inspire in your Mustang Talk, a spin on TED Talks!

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Empower and inspire in your Mustang Talk, a spin on TED Talks!

This is your platform to share what 2020 taught you! Your talk is not limited to the pandemic, but your talk must tie into the theme somehow!

If you are a high school student interested in giving a Mustang Talk, fill out this form by

the extended application deadline, MONDAY, JANUARY 25TH. NO applications will be accepted after that! We encourage you all to apply so that we can hear your unique voices and perspectives! Be on the lookout for information from Ms. Oliver and Ms. Agha after the 25th regarding scheduling your round I speeches during club time!

Introducing Mustang Talks


  • There are three rounds:

    • Round I: Presentations to Ms. Agha and Ms. Oliver during club time in February (self-scheduled) for initial feedback.

    • Round II: Polished presentations to Ms. Agha and Ms. Oliver during club time in February (self-scheduled) for final practice and feedback

    • Round III: Live performance April 16th - time TBD

  • Theme: “2020 Taught Me”

  • Speech length: 5-10 minutes

  • Open to all high school students (virtual and in-person)!


  • 1st place: $300

  • 2nd place: $200

  • 3rd place: $100

This is an AMAZING chance to practice your public speaking skills, receive feedback and coaching, gain confidence, and reflect on 2020!

We are excited to hear from you!

Questions? Reach out to Ms. Oliver (joliver@fultonscienceacademy.org) or Ms. Agha (hagha@fultonscienceacademy.org)

Career Week for High School Students | February 16 - 19

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More information coming soon!

Get Ready!


Don’t waste your summer! Start planning now about how you can increase your experience. Here’s my suggestion- if you have an area of interest, Google “precollege” and [your area of interest].

For example, a student said they were interested in neuroscience so we looked up “precollege neuroscience” and were able to identify several programs for her to consider. This may take some research but these programs can provide invaluable experience. Just to get you started, here’s a list you can start click through: High school students

If you have any questions about a summer program, reach out to the program first. If you are interested in talking about how it would fit with your college planning, feel free to involve your counselor in the conversation! With us living in a pandemic, please make sure you’re aware of costs, if it’s in-person or virtual, if there’s a back-up plan in case there’s a lock down, if credit would be awarded, and what is the commitment from you.

KSU Dual Enrollment Information Sessions

Sophomores and Juniors,

Take a look into the following event if you are interested in KSU dual enrollment. Let Mr. Oz and Ms. Agha know if you have any questions.

Kennesaw State Dual Enrollment Information Sessions:

If you are a rising Junior or Seniors and interested in the Kennesaw State Dual enrollment program for the summer, fall, or future term, KSU will be hosting spring information sessions via Zoom.

You may register for a session by going to https://visit.kennesaw.edu/special-events/index.php.

  • February 10,2021 at 6:00 pm
  • March 3,2021 at 6:00 pm

Here is more information about the program: https://admissions.kennesaw.edu/admissions-requirements/dual-enrollment.php

UC Santa Barbara’s 2021 Pre-College Programs

UC Santa Barbara is excited to offer two virtual Pre-College Programs for high school students, in grades 9–11, during Summer 2021! Our programs allow participants to dive deep into an interdisciplinary subject while discovering new knowledge through university-level research. These transformative summer experiences help students get ahead academically while honing skills that prepare them to excel in higher education. We invite your students to learn and grow in a diverse and supportive virtual environment at one of the top research institutions in the country.
Research Mentorship Program (RMP)
In this immersive six-week program, students participate in ongoing, university-level research projects in STEM, Humanities, or Social Sciences under the guidance of a mentor.

Program dates: June 20 – July 30, 2021
Application deadline: March 15, 2021
RMP Research Spotlight
Summer Research Academies (SRA)
In this dynamic four-week program, students are introduced to the research enterprise through project-based, directed research in STEM, Humanities, and Social Sciences related fields. Students are admitted into one of the following research tracks based on their interests, and investigate a unique research question.

Track 1: Hacking the Simulation – Engineering the Circuits of the Brain
Track 2: Hindsight’s 2020 – Examining the Tumultuous Year That Changed the World
Track 3: Surfing the Stars – A Flight Into the Night Sky and Astrophysics
Track 4: Borders & Fences – International Laws, Economics, and Ethics of Global Migration
Track 5: Morphological Computation – Exploring Wearable Robots for the Post-pandemic Era
Track 6: The Power of Experts – How Science has Shaped Politics in Global Society
Track 7: Human-Computer Interaction – Perception and Correlation Development in Virtual Reality
Track 8: Virtual Connections – The Psychology of Human Behavior and Communication on Social Media
Track 9: Machine Intelligence – An Introduction to Optimization and Machine Learning

Program dates: June 27 – July 23, 2021
Application deadline: April 15, 2021
Please visit UC Santa Barbara’s Pre-College website to learn more about specific program eligibility and requirements, and to access the online applications. Students are admitted to both programs on a rolling basis.

To learn more about our programs, check out our digital brochure, or register for an upcoming counselor webinar here. We greatly appreciate you sharing this information with your students. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Student Services team at precollege@summer.ucsb.edu.

With gratitude,
UC Santa Barbara Pre-College Programs

Interested in Aerospace?

Interested in Aerospace? Then don't wait- sign up below!



Aerospace Professionals in School (APIS) introduces youth to the limitless opportunities available through careers in aerospace and aviation beginning at an early age.

APIS curriculum will pique the interest of children, through elementary science clubs and career days, in-depth exposure through career fairs, community events, mentorship programs, and collegiate preparedness events.

This year, APIS goes virtual to continue providing this valuable outreach to students no matter where they may be learning. We invite you and your students to be a part of this exciting week of virtual events to learn more about the opportunities available in aerospace.

Now Accepting Applications for BU’s Pre-College Summer Programs

It may be cold outside in Boston, but it’s not too early to start planning for summer. Application forms are now live for the 2021 Summer Term High School Programs at Boston University, via their website.

Next summer, they are offering five pre-college programs for your students to choose from. All five provide rigorous and collaborative college life experiences that will enable students to gain a strong sense of their personal and academic potential.

At present, they are planning for a safe and rewarding summer by giving students the option to attend any of our programs remotely or in person by commuting to campus. Residential options will be assessed in early 2021. Here is a brief overview of their programs:

  • High School Honors is a six-week program in which students take Boston University undergraduate courses and earn up to 8 transferable college credits. In addition to remote or commuter options, we also offer online courses through High School Honors Online. Students must be entering their junior or senior year of high school in fall 2021.
  • RISE Internship/Practicum is a six-week, non-credit program in which students conduct scientific research in a university lab under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students must be entering their senior year of high school in fall 2021.
  • Academic Immersion (AIM) is a three-week, non-credit program for students to focus intensively on a single academic topic. This summer we are offering four AIM tracks: Introduction to Experimental Psychology; Introduction to Medicine; Global Studies: Security, Statecraft, and Spycraft; and Creative Writing. Each track combines classroom work in the subject area with project-based learning activities. Students must be entering their junior or senior year of high school in fall 2021.
  • Summer Challenge is a two-week program in which students take two non-credit seminars of their choice and experience college life. Students must be entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school in fall 2021.
  • Summer Preview is a one-week, non-credit program in which students explore one subject of interest while previewing the college experience. Students must be entering eighth grade or their freshman or sophomore year of high school in fall 2021.

FSA High School Student Ashi Jain Creates a Coloring Book to help the community destress!

I would like to share my project, which I have been engaging in since the start of the pandemic, with my school community. This project is meant to help my community destress and feel calmer as they color the uniquely-designed patterns in my coloring book.

I have designed coloring book pages and each page is specially created to encourage stress relief and can be used at any skill level. The designs are easy to color and will provide hours of fun and creative expression. These coloring pages will provide a way to release anxiety and will help ease stress through a fun and creative activity.

I have compiled all of these hand-drawn pages into a book called Color Me Happy. So far, I have distributed copies to various senior centers and recreation and community areas - locally and in other states - so that senior citizens, one of the groups largely affected by the isolation and stress effects of the pandemic, could feel boosted spirits, reduced stress, and could focus on being in the present. These isolated people could feel connected with their communities through art.

I would like to share my coloring book with my school community. I have recently added some holiday-themed coloring pages, which will boost the holiday spirit. I hope the students, faculty, and staff at our school will be energized and relieve some stress through this book. These pages are easily printable. Stay home, stay safe, be creative, and have a great holiday break!

This is the link to the coloring book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YAatm7Zwa7_58DK0EmjpLklAeVk1ND0Q/view?usp=sharing

Here is a brief introduction of my book:

Color Me Happy is not just a coloring book. It is a pathway to inspiration, happiness, and creativity.

Coloring is one of the best ways to relieve stress and promote socialization. Coloring evokes feelings of peace, enjoyment and satisfaction. A brightly colored pencil along with a coloring page are just the right way to boost spirits, reduce stress, and help us focus on being in the present. Coloring pages are a fun challenge and something we can lose ourselves in.

Keeping this in mind, this book has been designed to induce positive feelings of energy and inspiration. I have hand-drawn every page intricately with your interests at heart. In this book, you will experience a garden of flowers, a tour of the seasons, a twinge of inspiration, a walk with nature, and much more! We hope you have a wonderful experience with Color Me Happy!

- Ashi Jain (11th grade)


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FSA's Sideline store offers families the opportunity to show their school spirit at or away from school! You have the ability to fully customize your apparel and the site offers brands such as The North Face, Under Armor, Nike, and more!

Items include shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, performance wear, polos, pullovers, jackets, vests, headwear, bags, chairs, bibs, drinkware, knits, blankets, and more!!!

Check out the site today to get your very own customized FSA apparel!

How Does Aftercare Work for High School Students?

High School Families,

We would like to openly tell you that when more students stay for after school care, it will be harder for us to protect the safety of after school care students during the pandemic. Therefore, If your child is not staying for After-School Clubs or Tutoring, we strongly ask you to pick up your child between 3:16 pm and 3:40 pm.

If your child stays for After-School Clubs or Tutoring, please pick-up your child between 4:00 pm - 4:10 pm.

After school care begins at 4:10 pm and continues until 5:30 pm.

For those students who regularly use after school care, we recommend the monthly payment plan to save money. After school care fee is $20 per day for the monthly payment plan. If you are not interested in a monthly registration, you will indicate this on the form sent in your email. You will be charged $30 per day as you use after school care. After 5:30, the fee increases to $40, and $1 is added for each minute after 6:00. If a student is not taken by 7:00 pm, we will inform the local safety authorities for the safety of the student.

If your child will be joining after school care, you will follow the drive to pass the front of the school and park your car at the far end of the building. After parking your car, you will enter through the courtyard entrance. You will not come inside the school building. Please enter the courtyard, and knock on the door "L25" for Middle School and "HS Hangout" for High School students. The images below will help you to see where to park, enter the courtyard, and pick up your child. Please make sure to have your carpool card with you. Please make sure to be wearing a mask, and please maintain social distancing while traveling up the stairs to get your child. Once you have picked up your child, please exit from the same courtyard entrance.

Please note: families are not permitted to gather and remain in the courtyard area after picking up their children.

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"HS Hangout" for High School

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Please knock on the door and wait for an FSA faculty member to come to check out your child. Please have your carpool card available and ready, and please be wearing a mask during after school care pick-up.

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