First Aid Kit


How you can Learn More about the Highest Quality First Aid Kit Available In the Market?

If you are reading this right now, there are chances that you have been baffled about finding the best first aid kit available in the market. With many hundreds of medical kits you can buy, this is the rightmost destination for a discover more. Making it simpler that you can purchase the best 72 pieces first aid kit, Aspen Ridge Sports is one of the first option for many. Get more details in relation to First Aid Kit

Why Should You Buy This First Aid Kit From Aspen Ridge Sports?

• Best Quality First Aid Supplies: This first aid kit emergency paves the path for you offer treatment before the professional medical team arrives, catering to the need of availing top class first aid supplies.
• 72 First Aid Items: The primary aid box incorporates 72 medical products which you have to have in case of a crisis.
• Nylon Made Bag: Being built in compliance with weather proof nylon, this bag will come in highly visible red color. The four compartments present in the bag just be sure you get access to the many required first aid supplies.
• Readable Instructions: Each kit has clear first-aid instructions written into it. You can even perform CPR regarding an unexpected emergency with the assistance of the instructions.

What Are The Items That You Can Find In This First Aid Kit?

Designed to offer medical help in case of an emergency, this first aid kit auto comes with:

• 1 First aid instructions with CPR instructions

• 1 5 inch Stainless steel trauma shears

• 1 Blue tourniquet band to stop serious bleeding

• 2 Triangular Bandage great for arm slings 38 in x 38 in x 54 in

• 5 Safety pins

• 20 Adhesive bandages

• 5 Alcohol pads for cleaning wounds

• 4 Antiseptic Cleansing Pads

• 1 CPR mask

• 1 roll of Adhesive tape 1 in x 177 in

• 1 notepad

• 1 pencil

• 2 Saline wash vials

• 2 PBT Tape 2.25 in X 157 in

• 2 PBT Tape 2 in X 177 in

• 2 PBT Tape 3 in X 177 in

• 10 3 in x 3 in Sterile Non-woven gauze for covering wounds

• 2 4 in x 8 in Trauma pads for Large Wounds

• 2 pr of PVC gloves

• 1 5 in Tweezers