Effective Concrete Protection

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How DuraCore Offers HIGH Quality Flooring Services

Dura Core has an experience of 17 years in the flooring business. We understand the problems and issues encountered while finding the products which can be applied easily and efficiently on concretewater proofing, renovation, and protection. Dura core will arrange best services for you in treating and protecting concrete.

Dura core is very well aware with problems faced during the protection of concrete. That is why we have introduced wide array of products that are efficient, economical, require less labor as compared to any other market place and they are made in Australia only. Our goods are very well tried and tested and Eco-Friendly. Following are some of our best products:-

Concrete cure and seal

· Cure and seal: - It is specifically made for car parking. Some of its benefits are that it helps in resisting oil stains, Hardens the surface, easy to apply, easy to maintain, it lessens the tyre screech.

· Densicrete: - It is eco- friendly and it protects the new and old concrete. Densicrete is applied to secure the new and old concrete. Duracore’s crete basically has zero solids and is a single coat spray on an application system that totally breach into the concrete which gives everlasting substantial concrete waterproofing products to new as well as old concrete.

Concrete sealers

· Lustrecrete: -It is the hardest coating. It provides the stain resistance and UV protection, the finishing is glossy and shiny. Lustrecrete is easy to maintain and keeps the original look of the surface for a much lengthier period.

· Lustre Polish:- It is easier to apply, It is water base coating which gives much glossy look to surface and increases the lustre

Concrete waterproofing

Densi + Repeller: - Is an everlasting water proof concrete which gives permanent resistance against water, oil and grease., increases the toughness of surface, decreases dusting.

Densi + Anti-microbial: -It is perfect for nursing homes, hospitals, animal shelters, swimming pools, steam bathrooms and cool rooms. With the addition of anti-microbial it gives protection from hazardous microbes, germs and diseases.

Dura core provides you with a wide range of products, which will be needed by you. Our products are advanced, technically sound, efficient and very easy to apply. Give it try and feel stress free.