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It is not often in life that as an individual we have the opportunity to make a real difference in the quality of life within of our community. The quality of life in any community is only as rich as the individual members who contribute to that community. For many years Cathy Howse has been a leading expert voice in the African-American community on the issue of how to care for the health , wellness, and beauty of an African- American woman's prize possession "her hair". In recent years too often the most widely accepted advice on how to care for the crowning jewel of an African-American woman has come from the voices of people who are outsiders of the community. People, who often time, only have one mission and that is to benefit from selling their version of what an African-American woman needs. Successful African- American owned businesses are not as big a part of the quality of life in our community as we would like to see, that's why when we have the chance to encourage the growth of a business that represents the good of our community we must treat it as the rare flower that it is. Chase Mission Main Street Grant Program is our opportunity to help Cathy Howse's vision Ultra Black Hair Care products get a much deserved well done in the form of a $150,000.00 grant. Cast your vote today by going to: "enter zip code 80231" you will then be promoted to sign into your Facebook account, upon logging in your vote will be tallied. It's just that simple to be a part of helping to grow the quality of life in our community. We thank you for your support and well wishes.

Don't change the DNA of your roots and expect them to survive.

I stopped using relaxers in 2010. My hair is thinning and wont grow. Will this product help my hair and which one do I need?

Thinning from relaxers is one of the #1 reasons black women lose their hair. Once this occurs, there is no product on the planet that will reverse the hair loss although many products will claim they can fix it. Don’t waste your money. They are selling you a gimmick. UBH products will improve the hair you have but they will not regrow hair. Our claim to growth is by lengthening the hair. Not growing hair where the DNA of the cell has been altered.

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