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March Newsletter from Dakota Meadows Middle School

March 2nd- a mass band finale of the Westside Bands

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Student Testing in April and May

DMMS will be MCA testing in math, reading, and science during the months of April and May. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 will be testing in math and reading. Grade 8 will also be testing in science. Please view the schedule to see when your child will be testing.

April 17 & 18 - MCA Reading all grades

April 19-21 Make-up Reading

April 24 & 25 MCA Math all grades

April 26-28 Make-up Math

May 1 & 2 Science 8 MCA-Science Class

May 1-5 NWEA 6 Reading-English/ELA/Read 180

May 8-12 NWEA 6 Math-Math Class

May 8-12 NWEA Reading-English/ELA/Read 180

May 15-19 NWEA Math-Math Class

The MCA results will be mailed to your home this summer after the state of Minnesota generates a report. Each student will receive a score that falls in one of four achievement levels. The MCA is not a test that students pass or fail.

Please make sure your student has the following items ready for testing:

  • Chromebook

  • Chromebook charging cord in the case

  • EarBuds/ EarPhones in the case

  • Cell Phone at home or shut off in locker

Following are a few ways that parents can be positive participants in your child’s testing experience:

• Encourage your child to do his/her very best.

• Remind your child that it is important to listen carefully to the teacher when directions are given and to ask any questions, if possible, before she/he begins the test.

• Make certain that your child has a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast before leaving home.

• Offer encouragement and support as you send her/him off to school.

If you would like further information about MCA testing, the Minnesota Department of Education has additional information regarding the MCA available online at

March Means Inline Skating

DMMS 6th graders participated in two and a half weeks of Inline Skating in PE class.

Special thank you to DMMS PTO for sponsoring a portion of this special skating opportunity! Students learned how to balance on their skates (a challenge at first!), forward skate, T-stop for safety, right corner, left corner and backward skate. Lap skate was the goal - achieved by all!

Classes discussed where to purchase new or gently used skates, how to bargain shop, where to have skates repaired, and knowledge and awareness of Mankato/ North Mankato trails available for safe inline skating.

During work on skating skills, we had the benefit of teaming with West High School P4 Teen volunteer students. They assisted in tightening skates, working with students very new to the skate experience, and mastery of lap skating. What a great partnership!

Roaring 20s in U.S. Studies

Students on Mahkato Trail used an article about the Roaring Twenties as an inspiration to make a collage about the time period. Examples of topics of interest include the Jazz Age, flappers, prohibition, baseball, radios, and model Ts. Each student made a piece to the collage and they were put in place for an amazing result!

AVID Classes Bring in Community Partner

We were thrilled to have DeAndre Adams come in to the AVID 7/8 classes on March 24 to share his life experience of being an AVID student, AVID tutor and first generation college student and graduate. DeAndre delivered some great motivational messages to the AVID students including the importance of mentors and time management skills, believing in yourself, being proud of who you are and identifying your goals.

Thank you to DeAndre for sharing his time, talent and AVID experience with the students!

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Austin Honor Band Students

Students who attended the Austin Honor Band this past Saturday (March 4). They were: Ellie S., clarinet; Cole A., trumpet; William G., trombone; Jonah W., trombone; Olivia C., baritone; and Faith K., percussion.

Let's Talk: Parents, Teens, and Digital Relationships

Let's Talk: Parents, Teens, and Digital Relationships

Join us on Tuesday, April 10, 2017 in the John A. Votca Conference Center at South Central College for our next Let's Talk event.

Social media is at the fingertips of today’s youth. As a result, children are developing relationships in the digital realm, many of which are never realized in person. These online communications can result in sexting, cyber bullying, conflict with friends, and more.

So how can parents help? This presentation includes a panel of local experts who will share experiences and provide updates related to current social media applications and how to how to better navigate these challenges with your child.

Panel includes:
Tom Rother, Detective, Mankato Dept. of Public Safety
Casey Hardy, Assistant County Attorney. Blue Earth County
Sherri Blasing, Assistant Principal, Mankato West HS
Tracy Brovold, Media Director, District 77
Molly Fox, Social Worker, District 77
P4T Students

Facilitated by Kate Cox, Clinical Social Worker, LICSW, Mayo Clinic Health System

You do not need to have attended a previous Let's Talk initiative to attend or participate. Social Media is continuously changing and it's important to continue the conversation. We encourage parents to attend with their children, allowing them time to engage in dialogue about these situations. Free Admission.

Adaptive Bowling Team at DMMS

Bottom: Brianna G., Gavin B.

Top: Blake H., Bryce N., Christian F., James W.

Dates To Remember

April 6 - 8th Grade Career Tours - 8:15 - 11:15 a.m.



April 17 & 18 - MCA Reading Testing - All Grades

April 19 & 20 - MCA Reading Make-ups

April 24 & 25 - MCA Math Testing - All Grades

April 26 & 27 - MCA Math Make-ups

April 28 - Student Council Dance - 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

May 1 & 2 - 8th Grade MCA Science testing

May 1-5 - NWEA 6 Reading-English/ELA/Read 180

May 8-12 - NWEA 6 Math-Math Class

May 8-12 - NWEA Reading-English/ELA/Read 180

May 15-19 - NWEA Math-Math Class

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