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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - February 28

Thinking about Students

We spent 3 hours of time together this week thinking about supporting students. The staff meeting on Wednesday was a chance to talk about non-escalation, de-escalation, and the ABC's of behavior. On Friday, we took two hours of time to learn about lagging skills and the Collaborative Problem Solving process using the ALSUP.

What strikes me is that, after 20+ years, I haven't found the "bottom" of this well. I don't think we ever will. When it comes to problem-solving student needs, trying to be proactive, teaching lagging skills, and so on, we continue to learn and adapt.

Large group conversations (like the ones we had this week) are not meant to solve particular student issues. Rather, the group conversations are essential to our common understanding of student needs and student problem-solving. Large group conversations like we had this week are about frameworks, systems, and common language that allow smaller groups to problem solve proactively at any time. Specifically, this week was about providing:

Knowledge - such as the ABC's of behavior and the concept of "lagging skills"

Skills - such as how to conduct a CPS model conversation using the ALSUP

Resources - such as the Intervention Resource Kit

All of this is built upon our foundation of relationships and high expectations. I remember when we embarked on our Trauma Sensitive Schools journey last year: people were asking for the strategies to bring TSS practices to life. Our work this week is a big step forward - thank you to our Lakeview TSS team for leading us.

Gift Card Tree & Snowball Dance

Thanks to everyone who donated to the gift card trees for the PTO Raffle Baskets. We had so many gift cards that we actually split them into two trees, each raffled separately. It is hard to know what the exact value was because some cards did not have an amount on them, but I would estimate each tree was probably $125-150. The grade-level baskets were also very generous.
Gift card trees

Looking ahead

Tues, Mar 3 - Compass Mentoring 4-5:15 p.m.

Thurs, Mar 5 - Tammy hosts Breakfast BYTES in the library 7:45-8:15

Fri, Mar 6 - Sunshine event after school

Mon, Mar 9 - Building Meeting (optional) 3:45-4:15 in the library

Tues, Mar 10 - Maddie, Bronwyn, Sarah, and Chris go to New Berlin for site visit

Wed, Mar 11 - busy day:

• Staff Meeting 7:15-8:15

• Jen Sielaff at Lakeview for building hours from 8:45-11:45 in Room 122

• Lakeview Art Show in gym from 5-7 p.m.

Thurs, Mar 12 - PTO Meeting 7-8 p.m. in library

Tues, Mar 17 - Concert practice performance from 2:15-3:15 in gym

Evening concert at the high school. Students arrive at 6:00, Concert starts 6:30

Structural Items

Summer School teacher applications - Eric Wightman sent out the link to sign up to teach Summer School. Six weeks of 4-mornings/week goes fast in Summer. Dates are June 22-July 30 this year. Last chance to submit your interest by March 4th.

Link to this week's family newsletter

Personal Day Blackouts - here is a link to blackout days for elementary personal days.