Saving and Investing

From the LG money saving association : what's ours is yours

We at the LG association care about our customers and strive to make sure they know how they can save money, and also, to invest in things to make money. Other associations would tell their customers it's great to invest and you should jump into it. Let's be honest, and let's be smart. We're here to offer the best known ways to keep your money safe and possibly growing in today's economy.

What's so special about saving?

Saving really is important because it doesn't only help you and your family, it also help the economy. Here's why: when you save, putting your money into a bank, the bank can lend out that money for other people to use. That money is used to start new businesses, or help older ones with updates or remodeling. This helps the economy to grow faster and stronger. So if you ever thought saving never amounted to much, you were wrong. By saving, you help both the economy and yourself by making a habit of controlled spending.

And investing? What's the big deal?

Investing is so important because it gives companies money they need to make better products for you, and possibly puts a few extra bucks in your pocket. Investing should start out slow and timid though. A savings account would be the slowest way to go. You don't make a lot of money, but you don't lose it either. Next you slowly advance to buying bonds,stock and things that people aren't usually interested in. It's a risky business, but in the end it is usually worth it. Only invest in what you know; that way you won't be stuck with the sweater company in the summer.