Job Description


Somethings you need to know to be a chef

The minimum requirements you will need is hands-on training in the kitchen. Others earn 2-year associates or 4-year bachelors degree. With a higher education, some advantages are, you can be a private chef or a personal chef. Some responsibilities of being a chef are; to have your kitchen fully staffed, spot problems and resolve them and be able to create new menus and have variety of new dishes.

More to know

To be a chef, some characteristics you need to have are; flexibility, stamina, creativity, works well with a team, and has a desire to learn. The salary starts out averaging $50,000 or more a year. As experience and reputation grows, the salary can increase to $85,000 annually. Most people at start out at entry level kitchen jobs, some get training by chefs. You will need to know knife skills, sauce and stock prep., how to identify and qualify food and some facts about seasonings.