Gabriel's Gazette

August 17, 2018

First week.....DONE!

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Scripture Verses for the week of 8/20-8/24

Monday-Matthew 19:16-22 (Memorial of St. Bernard, Abbot and Doctor of the Church)

Tuesday-Matthew 19:23-30 (Memorial of St. Pius X, Pope).

Wednesday-Mass-Matthew 20:1-16 (Memorial of the Queenship of Blessed Virgin Mary)

Thursday-Matthew 22:1-14

Friday-John 1:45-51 (Feast of St Bartholomew, Apostle)

Teacher Evaluations

It is time to start working on this process. Below you will find several different forms. Please read through them and start thinking about your goals for this year. Begin working on the the "Self-Evaluation" form and next week I will start setting up appointments with each teacher (30 minutes) to review the form and set up goals for the year. I would like to have the goals completed by September 14th.

As part of this process, I will be observing classrooms frequently (as you have seen). When I just swing by the rooms I am looking for student engagement and that is just a "swing through". For more formal evaluations, there will be 2 types: First, is the scheduled observations. I will schedule these with you. The second is the "pop-in" observation which is not scheduled. If you see me pop-in with a clip-board, it is an observation and please just continue what you are doing. The evaluation form I will be using is also below from the WCEA.

If you have any questions/concerns, please let Dirk know.

Lip-Sync Challenge

We will be doing our lip-sync video on the next half day, September 7th. We will lip-sync to Bruce Springsteen's version of "This little light" on video.

If you would like to help choreograph, let Dirk know.

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