Tatianna Cline

my summer

-This summer I had the privilege of going to Indiana to Purdue college for an event called PYT. 5,000 teens from all over the world gathered in one place to worship God. at experience.

- I also went to Florida with my family and i got to celebrate my birthday by the beach.

my future

i want to own my own hair salon. i have already got a head start on it this year and next year half the day i get to spend the day at cvcc doing my cosmetology classes. I've wanted to do hair for a while.

a little more about me

-in my family i eat the most food out of everyone

-i like being who i am and not what others say i should be

-i love to take pictures from nature all the way to selfies i just love the concept of capturing everyday events and what goes on

-i have my mind set on my future i dont let anyone change it

-i love tattoos

-my favorite animal is the panda


ive always loved science

i like the hands on science and the learning about the roots of where it all came from sometimes when learning about science and learning more about my faith it makes me question myself and question everything else. i like learning about the brain and how the mind works, i also like chemicals and seeing the inside of animals.

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