The next generation of the Toyota RAV4

Toyota Rav 4

I remember when the first Toyota Rav 4 was launched in 1994, when I was just 22. It was the coolest car on the road, driven by the coolest people.

Since then it hasn’t changed much, except like me, it’s got older. I still think they are a great looking car and it doesn’t fall into the category of being a woman’s, or a man’s car like a lot of bigger cars do. It is most definitely unisex.

What made it quite unique back in the day, was the fact that it was the first in a long line of cool 4x4 cars. I don’t call it an SUV which I’ve only just Googled the meaning, which is Sports Utility Vehicle. What is that, if not an Americanism! It’s a four-wheel drive!

Now there are so many 4x4s on the road, every make has one and the Toyota has blurred somewhat into the myriad of choice. It’s certainly not lost its cool factor. In fact it looks better than the original shaped Rav that was more boxy.

It’s nearly twenty years on and the Toyota Rav 4 still looks pretty timeless on the roads next to all the new 4x4 or SUVs, whatever you want to call them. And even though my Mum has one it still hasn’t lost its street cred. That is the beauty of the Rav 4, it’s ageless, timeless and still a cool car.

If you were to put the Toyota Rav 4 next to a Range Rover Discovery, without knowing the history or price of both cars, I think most people would agree that the Rav 4 looks the most modern and sexier out of the two. I’m not sure how much there is in price difference between the two, but I’m guessing the Rav 4 comes in cheaper.