February Newsletter

Mrs. Ifft's Second Grade Class

Important Dates this Month

February is a busy month! Please include the following dates in your family calendar:

Wed. 2/10 - Minimum Day

Thurs. 2/11 - Minimum Day (bring class valentines today!)

Fri. 2/12 - Teacher Workday - No School for Students

Mon. 2/15 - No School

Fri. 2/19 - Eastshore Talent Show!

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day will soon be here! Your student is encouraged to bring a Valentine for each student in our class. I've included a list of student's first names here. Students will not be eating any candy during the day, and non-food treats are suggested, such as pencils, stickers, erasers, temporary tattoos, etc.

We will be making Valentine's for a retirement community as well as passing out Valentines and making a small craft. Your child needs to bring a decorated box or bag to collect their Valentines from the class. Please have their name clearly displayed on the box or bag. Decorate the box at home as you wish and bring it to school on Thursday, Feb. 11. We will not be decorating the boxes in school. I'll have bags for students who forget or are unable to make a box. Have fun and be creative!

Please send me an email with any questions or concerns about Valentine's Day.

Instructional Volunteers in Our Room!

We are working very hard to maintain math rotations in order to provide students with more tailored small group instruction. Our math time is from 10:15 - 11:15am every day. If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom during that time, please send me an email! You would be running a math rotation, usually a math practice game or fact fluency practice. We'd love to have you!

What We're Learning

In math, we are moving on to three digit numbers, beginning with three digit addition. Students are encouraged to practice their addition and subtraction facts as often as possible. We'll be ending this math unit with three digit subtraction.

In reading, we are learning to compare and contrast similar stories. We'll be learning how to distinguish unique features from a story and contrast them to others. We will also be learning about point of view and how different characters may have different points of view in a text.

In science, we are wrapping up our unit on Pebbles, Sand and Silt.

In writing, we have been diligently researching for our first writing project. Each student has selected an animal to write about. We're using our knowledge of author's purpose to write a nonfiction text that will teach others about our animal. Have your student show you the research tools we've been using, such as Brittanica school and Pebble Go!