Black Death Gazette

Diego Grizzle

William Conqueror

Biographical Info

-also known as "The Basterd"

-born in Falaise, France in 1027

-died in Rouen, France in 1087

-he was a strict ruler, but wise, making England the most powerful nation in Europe

Memorable Moments and Impotance

-when he became King in 1064, he conquered two neighboring provinces

-an important decision he made was to create a central tax

-he was very important because he helped shape England's feudal system


" I was born by two unmarried people, so know I'm known as............The Bastard"

King John

Biographical Info

-was known as John Lackland

-he was born in England in 1166

-he died in England in 1216

-he was a poor leader, he was very stubborn when it came to making decisions, for this reason, many nobles wanted to kill him

Memorable Moments and Importance

-he was forced to accept the Magna Carta, or his nobles would kill him

-accepting the Magna Carta made him have to obey the law, just like everyone else

-the Magna Carta forced him not to collect taxes or property from any of the nobles

-he tried to kill his father, Hennery II, and his fathers wife Eleanor of Aquitaine

-we should care about him because he signed off on the Magna Carta


"I let the nobles boss me around, so now I have to fallow the law"

Joan of Arc

Biographical Info

-she was known as the "Maid of Orleans"

-she was born in France in 1412

-She died in France in 1431

-She was patriot for her country, and a leader and a hero for her country

Memorable Moments and Importance

-During he Battle of Orleans, she led her troops to victory at age 15

-She became a Catholic Saint when she died

-She was burned at a stake, and her last two words were, "Jesus, Jesus"

-As she fought for Frances independence, each of her victories showed the power of God, faith and France

-She believed that God spoke to her in different visions


"even though I died at an early age, I certainly had an impact on history"