Is Samsung Building America Today?

By: Adam Pazcoguin

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Samsung Philosophy

“At Samsung, we follow a simple business philosophy: to devote our talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society.”


Global Impact

Samsung is a company founded on March 1, 1938. It is headquartered in South Korea, Seoul that operates and distributes products globally. Samsung controls many sub-industries with branches such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Everland, Samsung Fine Chemicals, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Machine Tools, Samsung Medical Center, Samsung SDI, and Samsung Securities. They offer products such as home appliances, t.v.'s, phones, laptops, and so much more. In 2018 Samsung made $225 billion in sales, $41 billion profits, $293 billion in assets, and $329 billion market cap.
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Samsung CEO'S

Lee Kun-Hee

Lee Kun-Hee is the Chairman of the Samsung Group. Interestingly, he is the 3rd son of the Samsung group founder, Lee Byung-Chul. Currently he is being hospitalized due to a heart attack in 2014, yet still remains has Samsung Chairman to this day.


Koh Dong-Jin

Koh Dong-Jin is the president of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. He is in charge of pushing Samsung's global business through mobile products and services. He also spent a decade in human resources and increased employee engagement and operational excellence. Under him, Samsung gained a strong position under the North American Market.


Kim Ki Nam

Kim Ki Nam is the president of the Semiconductor Memory Business. He is a member of the board for International Printed Electronics Association. He is also one of the lead men that helped with the development of DRAM and NAND Flash technologies.


Kim Hyun Suk

Kim Hyun Suk has been the director and president of Samsung Electronics since 2018. Previously, he served as a head for Samsung research, for he was adept at display products.With his team, he was the head of the Visual Display Business and Samsung Electronics.


Yay and Nays

Samsung Scandal February 5, 2018

Article by BBC news:

A man by the name of Lee Jae-yong was elected to the board of Samsung Electronics. He is the son of chairman Lee Kun-Hee and grandson of founder Lee Byung-Chul. He is charged with a political and corporate scandal with South Korean President, Park Geun-Hye. He was accused of political corruption by paying Choi Soon-Sil in exchange for political support. Other charges include bribery, embezzlement, hiding assets overseas and perjury. Despite his term supposed to be lasting for 5 years, it was halved, then suspended; this basically meant he got a get-out-of-jail card. After his release, he returned to being the Vice-Chairman of the Samsung Group in hopes to redeem himself this time.

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Samsung AI Centre at Cambridge

Article by BBC news:

Samsung Company is opening an AI research lab at Cambridge, UK. It will recruit 150 different scientists and led by Professor Andrew Blake. Their current AI, Bixby, has had a low profile compared to other AI such as siri, and the purpose of this research lab is to improve on the Samsung AI, and implement AI in all of their technology by 2020. The requirements to be chosen are tough, however it is an opportunity to better the quality of products for consumers.

Robber Baron or Captain of Industry?

Captain of Industry

I believe that the Samsung Group company will go down in history as a captain of industry. When it comes to being a captain of industry, there are 2 requirements.
  1. The company must do good things for the industry
  2. The company must increase supply of goods, productivity, and create jobs in a manner that is fair.

Samsung meets both of these requirements because the industries that Samsung supports goes from the electronic industry to the medical industry. They have the power to operate and distribute goods in these industries through their several branches. Furthermore, Samsung Group is constantly looking for new creatives to add to their work line. An example of this would be how they're recruiting scientists to work on AI in cambridge. Yes, there was that corruption scandal with Lee Jae-Yong where he was arrested. This is a huge spit in the face to the company, however, as Lee regained his position as Vice-Chairman, he says the he wishes to redeem himself. Therefore, I believe that the Samsung Company will go down as a captain of industry and not a robber baron.