Night of the twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman


Dan and Arthur were left at home and then a tornado hit and they got spilt up from there mom and dad both. Then they thought they would die and they started to panic until there friend came and helped them (her name was Stacey) she helped them like there mom and dad she took them to Mrs. Smiles to find Dan's mom once they found her they were so happy then the bus came by to look for people to volunteer to look for survivors Dan, Arthur, and Stacey went to look for survivors they went to Mrs. Smileys house to see if she lived at first they could not find her but then they hers snoring they looked on the couch and saw that Mrs. Smiley was asleep on the couch through all the tornado finally they got here out and safely to Kmart. after that a police officer found them on the side and toke them to police head quarters so they could have some shelter but on there way to hq they got hit by a tornado and officer Kelly had broken glass from his glasses in his eye so he could not see so Dan had to drive to police hq once they got there they got shelter and Kelly got strait away treatment for his they spent a few nights there and then they set off to find there mom and dad then he herd Dan's dad's truck in the distance and then it came closer finally the truck poled over and asked ware's mom and they said we got split up and then they stared to look for there mom at Kmart but it was closed so they searched every were then they looked at the church and found her there with Ryan and lived a happier life..,.


Ryan,Dan,Arthur,Kelly,Stacey,Aunt Goldey,Mrs. hatch,Mr. hatch, Minerva, grandpa, did you know that in the book about Night Of The Twisters that Mrs. Smiley was snoring and asleep in the book after the tornado. Also that did you know that a tornado tossed up the cars like play toys but to us cars are heavy.


Dan's house, outside, police hq, Kmart, Church, Mrs. Smileys basement. But the main setting was in Sand Crane drive. That's was were all the people were when after the tornado hit. It was hard but they found there mom at a church.

Problem & Solution.

The problem was that in Blains worth Nebraska there were 8 tornados that hit it Dan and Arthur houses and they got split away from there mom and dad so they had to survive on there hone with Stacey and Ronny VA. Problem was that they couldn't find there mom or dad's so they had to look every were for them so they got really scared.
Tornado Song (It Gets Better)
Night of the Twisters (1996)