they speed up your body

different kinds of stimulants

ecstasy,marijuana,and steroids are all different kinds of stimulants


ecstasy can cause many different things to your body. for example ecstasy can cause your body temperature to rise very high. if this were to happen to someone then they would have to go to the emergency room. ecstasy can also make you grind and clench your teeth really hard without you noticing. this would be really bad for your teeth. some people would even chip their teeth while they were taking ecstasy.
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marijuana is usually smoked but can be eaten or it can be put inside foods. marijuana increases your heart rate and you could be at risk for a heart condition.people could get addicted to marijuana if they do it over and over again. although marijuana is bad for you it can be a medicine to relieve pain. marijuana is also legal in some states but they can only have a small amount.
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steroids can give male and females many different side effects. for males they can develop breasts, can cause them to have a lot of acne, and their testicles shrink. for females their voice deepens and they could grow facial hair. for both males and females they gain a lot of muscle.
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