From Beef To Basketball

By: Kaden Gillum


Basketball is an importune sport. Have you ever wondered how raw beef to ball to court?


The origin of basketball is vary interesting. First. It coms from the u.s.a. Next. Jamsnaysmith mad it in 1995. Therdly. The ball presherh has to be 7 to 9 pounds.


Allsow the process. It's made from compres lather/ Lather coms from cows. second. Its made from buttery lather. Buttery lather is from smelting lather. Thred. The creators in 2014 are Dodebske and Jowgetic.

Interesting Facts

Did you know Michel Jordan went up for a brake way dunk. Second. Jordan won the ncaa awored abba record. Therd. Wheel chare basketball is now an olimpyin sport.


If basketball wont invented non of these inporten stuf wold happen. Have you ever wondered how buttery lather git's to court.
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