R U What U Eat? Comparison


Diet of the Philippines

Although the Filipino diet may not be internationally well-known, it makes up what is considered one of the most varied and fascinating cuisines in Asia.

Typical Dishes

The average Filipino eats three meals a day and merienda–morning and afternoon snacks. Popular Filipino food includes Adobo (meat, seafood, or vegetables stewed in vinegar and soy sauce), Lumpia Shanghai (fried spring rolls), Sinigang (tamarind-based soup), Longanisa (Filipino sausage), Menudo (meat and vegetable stew), Pancit (noodle dishes–often rice or cornstarch noodles), Halo Halo (mixed sweets such as boiled fruits and sweet beans with shaved ice) and Leche Flan (custard pudding). Some of the dishes have the same name as Mexican or Spanish dishes but are usually very different. Once an American colony, the Philippines is quite Americanized in many aspects–the current Filipino population consumes a large amount of fast food such as hot dogs, hamburgers and American-style pizza, and that has become a national concern.

As you can see here there is a much higher obesity percentage of people in the United States than there is in the Philippines.

The US population is a bit more than three times the population in the Philippines leading to a more populated area.

Given by this graph and the previous graph, you can see that there is much more arable land in percentage in the Philippines compared to the US this makes me believe because of the small amount of population in the Philippines, that the majority of the arable land is farming land.

On average per week, the US population tends to eat more staple foods per week than the Filipinos do.