Over Fishing

It Happens Everywhere

The Impact

''A main problem of Overfishing is the “open access” nature of fisheries. Because there are no or few property rights there is a lack of incentive for fishermen to leave fish in the water. Targeted predators such as Blue Finn Tuna, Bill fish, and sharks Eventually disrups the communtiy''says Over Fishing Threats.org and takes and impact on the smaller marine wildlife.

Some Negative Affects

"Just 1.6% of the world's oceans have been declared as marine protected areas (MPAs), and 90% of existing MPAs are open to fishing.Target fishing of top predators, such as tuna and groupers, is changing marine communities, which lead to an abundance of smaller marine species, such as sardines and anchovies.'' According to OverFishing Threats.org


Most Affected

Blue Fin Tuna

Blue Finned Tuna are most harmed in this matter

Where could it harm

It could arm the entire world. Galveston is very close to league city or Houston. In this case it could reach league city and there will not be any fish left. Most of them will be dead or extinct.


People are affected by this because no fish means to food and we need food but at the same time he fish need to repopulate. In the most state this could not harm us other than the fishing industry going out of business.

What causes it

we are how it happens by killing to many fish

How to prevent it

We can stop over fishing by having a certain amount or certain weight for all the fish so the fish can repopulate.

How could I fix this

One of my ideas is we could lower all the bat industry's so there are not as many people getting all the fish. Yes people like to eat a lot of fish but at one time we will have to stop. Or we will run out of fish.