Battle of the Bulge

Kaylie Clausen

Where and When the Battle was Fought

The Battle of the Bulge was fought in northwest Europe through the Ardennes Mountain region to Antwep. The battle was fought from December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945. The Germans started to withdraw on January 8, 1945.

Goals and Nations Involved in Battle of the Bulge

The Germans were involved because they were the main problem. The U.S. and a little bit of Britain were involved because they were making sure the Germans would not advance any farther and try to push them back. The Germans were planning to attack through the forest to split the British and U.S. forces. They knew that to get a better chance at winning if they could seperate the powers. The allies were planning to stop the Germans from advancing and taking more territory. At first the Allies had little military in the forest, the Germans were winning when suddenly the Allies took on a bulge form (how it got its named) and started attacking.


The U.S. general for this battle was General George Patton. He was born in 1885 and died in 1945 from heart failure. George fought in both world wars. For Germany, Adolf Hitler ordered the attack. General Jodi and General Horst von Buttlar-Brandenfels helped Hitler plan the attack.

Key Tactics and Military Stratigies

One military strategy both nations used was, they would build snow trenches for protection and harder for the to get shot at.One key tactic the Allies used was they sent all their help when the Germans started attacking in the Ardennes.


German casualties: 100,000

United States casualties: approx. 81,000

The Allies won the Battle of the Bulge. The largest single battle fought by the United States Army.


This battle was the last battle out of Germany. The Germans were pushed back into their territory and didn't come back out of Germany. Gave the Allies and Americans confidence in their country and knew they were taking control over the situation.