Second Grade News You Can Use

March 23-27th

A Note from Mrs. Graham

Welcome Back! We are in our final nine weeks together! There are many things yet to accomplish in second grade. Please make sure to read each newsletter carefully so you do not miss anything important.

Important Events to mark on your Calendars

March 26- Boxtop Reward Out of Dress Code Day for Girls ONLY theme TBD

March 27-Wear Yellow for Seth and Father Daughter Dance 7:00 in the MPR

March 31-Spring Picture Day

April 1-PTP Easter Activities

April 2-Grandparents' Day

April 3-Good Friday (No School)


Words with the suffixes -ly and -ful

helpful, sadly, hopeful, thankful, slowly, wishful, kindly, useful, safely, painful, mouthful, weakly

Challenge Words: yarn, strands, spinning, dye, weave, sharpening, duplicated, delicious


Chapter 14: Time

Lesson 1: The Minute Hand

Lesson 2: Reading and Writing Time

Lesson 3: Using A.M. and P.M.

Lesson 4: Elapsed Time

Chapter Test will be Friday or Monday depending on how quickly we move through these lessons. They have been doing a great job learning how to read the clock to the nearest five minutes.


Story: The Goat in the Rug by Geraldine (It is actually by Charles L. Blood and Martin Link but they wrote it from Geraldine, the goat's, point of view.)

Genre: Narrative nonfiction

Basket Weaving is Informational Text.

Essential Question: How is art connected to the past?

High Frequency Words: coming, down, four, give, great, idea, knew, large, though, write

Target Vocabulary Words: yarn, strands, spinning, dye, weave, sharpening, duplicated, delicious

Target Skill: Conclusions and Sequence of Events

Target Strategy: Summarize


Informational Writing: We will begin our Animal Projects later this week by choosing an animal to research. There will be a project sheet sent home with your child with detailed steps to completing this project listed for you and your child to follow. This is a highlight for second grade for two reasons. Your child learns how to research an animal and create a slide show to use to teach his or her fellow classmates all about the animal. Not only is your child learning about an animal, he or she is also learning how to present information using technology which can be used from now on in his or her educational experience.


Week 19: Matter Changes

Students will learn that people can change some properties of matter by doing something to them like cutting, heating, and freezing.


Week 23: Scientists and Inventors

Students will learn about people from various backgrounds and cultures who made important contributions to our country.


Bible Verse: Proverbs 7:2

Story: We are learning about Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

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