The World Before The War

Henry Bouquet

Henry Bouquet's Early Life

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Bouquet was born into a moderately wealthy family in Rolle, Switzerland. The son of a Swiss roadhouse owner and his well to do wife, he entered military service at the age of 17. Like many military officers of his day, Bouquet traveled between countries serving as a professional soldier. He began his military career in the army of the Dutch Republic and later was in the service of the Kingdom of Sardinia. In 1748, he was again in Dutch service as lieutenant colonel of the Swiss guards.1

Henry Bouquet in the Fight against Indian Tribes

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Henry Bouquet, a famous English Colonel, was a man known for many things including the fight against rebellious Indian tribes. Two fights that are very familiar in English history most likely say his name.The two fights are The French and Indian War and Pontiac’s War. Bouquet wasn’t a large known name in the French and Indian War. All that the history books say is that he was given credit for the reconstruction and naming of Fort Pitt. Although he wasn’t much known in the French and Indian War, in the Pontiac’s War he made a name for himself. Pontiac’s War was named after the Indian who started it, Pontiac. He was the Chief of an Indian tribe that lived within what is now known as Ohio. He was unhappy of the English Settlers that had decided to live right where his tribe lived and hunted. He then convinced chiefs from other neighboring tribes to fight the settlers. This is where Bouquet comes in. Bouquet had the idea of sending smallpox infested blankets to the Indian tribes so that they would gain the disease, spread it, and then wipe out the entire tribe. Eventually, a Bouquet was in striking range of many villages and the Indians had to make a treaty. Henry Bouquet was a very important man in Pontiac’s War.

Henry Bouquet in the Pontiac`s Rebellion

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As Henry Bouquet was going along with his expedition to take out all the Indians and take over Ohio for the British, he stumbled on the Ottawa Indians who were lead by a powerful leader named Pontiac.Pontiac encouraged native Ohio Indians to rise up. The Ottawa Indians attacked Fort Detroit and Fort Sandusky. The Shawnee, Munsee, Wyandot, Seneca, and Delaware Indians helped with Pontiac`s rebellion by destroying English villages. Henry Bouquet just wanted to destroy all of the Indians instead of just making them move away. Pontiac`s rebellion was not successful and all the Indians were destroyed.

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