A Judgement Upon Others

~ Elexus Brown (Period 7 - English 12) __ 2016-2017

Outside Our Homes

Everywhere we go, there are people with different races, religions, languages, likes, dislikes, etc. The problem that we face today in our so called "society" is that people judge one another just because that person is different from themselves and/or does not meet the "society" requirements and/or standards

Ones' Piercings

People who have different types of piercings get judged differently. For one who has gauges - people judge them both good and bad. - The people that usually get the good judgments, are usually the ones that either have the same piercing themselves, or they want one. People who give bad judgments are usually the christian type of people - Im not putting any Christians down or making fun of them or i would be putting myself down as well. When a person gets any type of piercing, they are opening up a part of them that shows other people what they like [ the piercing in this case ] - and they are being themselves. Would you rather have fake friends or real ones?


"Weird and crazy" - the most common two words that describe a cat person, but is it true? - no. Just because someone is crazy and weird, doesn't necessarily mean that, that person has a cat. There are many people who have dogs and are worst than that. - Don't blame it on the pets. People automatically judge a person based on the type of pet they have/had. According to society - a cat person is weird and at the same time very gentle and not so strong. - A dog person is known as a strong, fun and a little more of the aggressive type. - Animals such as Amphibians or cold blooded animals - most people don't have, but most people would view them as 'adventurous' or 'risk takers'.


For one who has tattoos, they are viewed as many things and/or names such as "stupid" according to society. When someone gets a tattoo, it expresses who they are and it "opens up" a small window to where you can "see inside that person" - Or they do it for personal reasons such as the picture to the very right. I have 17 tattoos as of right now and every time I tell someone that, their eyes light up in disbelief. I am 18 and 1/2 and got my first tattoo done when I was 17. I had it done at the end of February this year. (2016) It is on my right shoulder-blade. It is a "Link Between Worlds" Triforce.


The 3 types of clothes that i have in order from left to right (pictures below) are casual, occasion, and formal event. If you wear your casual clothes to school, i don't believe that you will get judged too much depending on what you wear because everyone has different views and opinions on what a persons' casual clothes are. If you come to school with holes in your shirt and lets say dirt on your pants also, most people are going to see you as an unhealthy person and they might even think that you don't brush your teeth or even keep your room clean. Formal clothes could be seen as higher and up-class people. There is judgement everywhere. Everyone has different views about different things and at the same time, one could have the same views on things.

Violent Video Games and More

It does't matter what type of game you play, such as Mystery, Action, Puzzle, Creative, Scary, Romantic, etc. - Games don't determine who a person is, but they do however determine someones skill, speed, and memory levels.... - Take me { Elexus Brown } for example; I play all types of genres of games such as the ones listed above. I play mostly skill games that deal with how fast you can press buttons and move your character with your controller. I play Minecraft, which has mini games that you can play with your friends online to compete to kill each other. - I play violent video games, but that does NOT mean that I am a violent person. Do you play violent video games? - and how do you act?


There are multiple ways that you can be judged about with this topic. for example; if you listen to Christian music, then people will most likely assume that you are either a Christian or you are just seeing what it is. Another example would be that if you listen to blues or any type of oldies music, then they are most likely going to think you are old and you need to get with today's generation of music. - I would disagree on that judgment - My final example would be scream-o or rock and roll music (heavy metal) then you might be viewed as a cool person to most people at the same time a little intimidating, definitely if you have tattoos. but yet again, the tattoo thing is also one of my judgments. There is judgment everywhere we go.

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People Who Like Their Same Gender

I believe that when the topic about "being gay" is brought up - it raises several eyebrows and questions and hate. That person still has their same personality, so why judge them just because they have a like or interest different from you? We are all people - not aliens - human beings. I don't understand how people can be so cruel and hateful towards others without even getting to know them. - You never know how much that person might actually be cool and interesting to you. - I have a girlfriend, but im a "tom-boy" and i still have guy friends. I'm still myself; i like the same music as others and more. People don't like the topic about people being gay or liking the same gender being brought up because its not 'tradition' and its something new and almost every time someone is introduced to something new, they don't really want to hear it and they will 'push' the new away, but they will 'keep' the old. People are too stuck in their ways and need to break that 'bubble' of theirs a little bit and start being a little more open-minded and at least give the 'new' a try. - It doesn't hurt to try.

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We Have Judged Others - Regardless

Everyone has judged someone else in their lifetime whether if it was clothing, jewelry, or even food; everyone has judged another person regardless of what it is or what it will be.

*CONCLUSION* - "Change is Good"

No one cares about society and if you do then 'they' have you brain washed my friend. Society controls a part of who you are; it holds you back on most things and you are scared to be your true self because you are afraid how people will think of you and they will just bring you down. Change is a good thing - most people want to change, but they're always wanting more of the same and they are just too stuck in their own ways; and then when there IS a change in something new, they question it and automatically hate it without giving 'it' a try. For example - over 4000 people are upset because the cartoon show called "Fairly Odd Parents" added a new theme song as well as a new character who has to share fairies with Timmy Turner and he's not happy about it. Vicky is also no more. Also with People who like the same gender - don't be afraid of who you truely are and who you love. If you are afraid to show that you love someone of your same gender or that you love the same gender in general, then you dont truly love the same gender that much OR you are just scared on how people will view you. It took me a while and I learned that we are going to be judged our entire lives anyway, so why not have people judge the real me and not the fake one?