10 mins to a motivated workforce

For less time than the average coffee break, you can chip away the stress levels of your staff and they will absolutely LOVE you for it.

The 10 minutes and the secret to making your staff buzz with energy lies with our corporate massage services.

Benefits to you and your team...

Act before August 31st to take advantage of this great introductory offer!

2 hours of massage FREE

That’s 6 staff getting a heavenly 20-minute massage or

12 staff getting a 10 minute de-stress.

Based on recent research, this free 2 hours of massage at work could reduce your businesses yearly expenses by nearly $1500!

How it works...

Our professional therapists offer chair or table massages in a private room, or

we can roam your office giving your staff a quick stress break right at their desk.

We bring the equipment and the knowhow. It seriously couldn’t be any easier to bring a little slice of heaven to your team's day!