Gifted Grade 5

Mr. Horak's weekly update! (August 31-4)

Conversation Starters

The 5th grade gifted classes are beginning a new communication system to help parents start academic conversations with their children. We will begin sending home our learning goals for the week, to help parents talk about what we did for the day and week. This means no more “What did you do today?” with the response of “nothing much” or “I don’t remember.”

Reading: (Monday-Friday)

1. What story elements and figurative language is used in the story “The Phantom Tollbooth”?

2. How do I compare information from two different texts?

3. Why is figurative language important to the author’s expression?

4. How does dialogue effect the theme, and flow of a passage/ story?

5. What are character traits, and how do I recognize them?

Skill sets: (Monday-Friday)

1. How do I cite quotes, and how do they support my opinion?

2. Why is it important to justify my opinions with fact-based material?

3. How do I identify main idea and supporting details?

Writing: (Monday-Friday)

1. When writing journals, why is it necessary to have many details?

2. How do I properly cite evidence from a text?

Math: (Monday-Friday)

1. What are place values, and are there patterns?

2. How do whole numbers and place value relate?

3. What are the POWERS of 10, and what are exponents?

4. Review base 10 concepts, and simple division

Skill Sets:

1. What are the properties (cumulative, associative, identity, distributive)?

2. Exponents and their many uses!

Content: (Monday-Friday)

1. How do you perform a controlled experiment? What does it mean to have a controlled experiment?

2. How can I learn from observations?

3. What are the physical attributes of the United States? (Rivers, Ranges, etc)

4. Teamwork based keynote (grade 3 and 5). How do I care for the school laptops? How do I create a keynote?

REMEMBER: 5th grade physical geography test (graphic organizer/ study guide provided) is set for Friday September 11, 2015

What have we been up to?

Where is Milo, and who has he met on his great adventure thus far?

Please ask your young scholar where Milo has been, who he has met, and what he has learned so far on his trip.