Courtney Luciana

Aspiring Journalist

My bio

I am an imaginative writer from Milford, CT, majoring in journalism. From a young age I have been interested in the skill of storytelling. My passion in writing began to unfold throughout the literary courses that I took at Masuk High School in Monroe, CT. I continued to elevate my writing skills at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and then at Southern State University, where I currently hold a 3.5 GPA. The assignments that I have completed in each course have helped to mold my voice as a writer among a wide spectrum of subjects. I take a lot of pride from when I was featured as 'writer of the month' due to work I submitted for my writing course. My course tutor reached out to the editor of 'Folio', Southern State University's literary magazine. This presented an opportunity to use my skill as a writer to make my story come alive and left a lasting impression among the English Department and my colleagues. What I have learned throughout these courses has inspired me to use my voice as a tool to educate and inspire. Today I have experience in the restaurant field, where I am known for having a strong work ethic. My ambitions lay within writing in print or broadcast. I am willing to do anything so that I can work in an environment that will allow me to enhance my trade. Thank you in advance for the opportunity.