The Teddy Bear~ Since 1902

Brought To You By~ Abbi, Ella, Joey, Galen, and Christian

Who Invented The Teddy Bear

Willis Carrier was the man responsible for this modern day craze. These cuddly bears were made in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt who was often known as 'Teddy'. These bears still bring joy and happiness to children of all ages.

These fabulous bears come in Pink, blue, green, brown, black, orange, red, yellow, and so much more!

How did toy bears come to be named after President Theodore Roosevelt?

It all started with a hunting trip President Roosevelt took in 1902 in Mississippi at the invitation of Mississippi Governor, Andrew H. Longino. After three days of hunting, other members of the party had spotted bears, but not Roosevelt.

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The Bears

These bears brought joy to the children of that time. So make that joy happen now as it did long ago.

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