Should Art count on your GPA?

Kids everywhere are being graded on their skills at art and are unable to succeed at it, decreasing their grade and destroying there future.


We think that art shouldn't be a letter grade( A, +B, F, etc.) or count for your GPA.

Why do we think this?

We think art should not be a letter grade and not add on to your GPA because some people are naturally bad at art and are not creative. It may sound mean to call someone not creative but his statement actually has some science surrounding it. Will Kemp, an artist that has traveled the world and is now an art teacher, found that there are a lot of reasons that people are bad at art. All of the reasons stem form the same thing, some people use different parts of there brain. People good at art, use there right side of there brain, which is very crative based and allows you to be artistic. On the other hand, people who use there right side of there brain are very logic based. This shows that some people just are not good at art and grading them on something they can't do very well is cruel.
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In conclusion, art should not be counted as a letter grade and not be added to you GPA because some people are just naturally bad at art and to count somthing they can't do is cruel. To fix this problem, we need to change art from a letter grade to somthing like gym, where we only pass or fail and, you are only graded on effort and other categorizes.
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S'more by Nick and Devin.