Make An Astrological Notebook

"The heavens are astrological notebooks." King Basilio

research * imagine * write * decorate

Start creating an imaginary person, a fictional character.

1. Find a real weather report. See:,, and

2. Pretend your person was born on the day that had that weather.

3. Find out which astrological sign a person born on that day would have.

4. Make up a name for your imaginary person.

5. Decide where this person was born. Which country? Which city or village?

6. Now, the really fun part . . . imagine this person's character. Make it match the weather.

7. Write this character's fate. What will this character not be able to avoid in life?

8. Decorate your astrological notebook.

relevant vocabulary: tornado, hurricane, hail, wind, snowfall, heatwave, drought

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