Welcome to South Carolina

By Maddie Gibbons

The discovery of South Carolina

South Carolina was founded in 1663, when King Charles II gave the land to the eight nobles men, known as the The Lords Proprietors. South Carolina was a part of the original Province of Carolina. North and South Carolina became separated colonies in 1729.

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Why is South Carolina called South Carolina?

The name "Carolina" was named in honor of Charles IX of France. Carolina comes from the Latin word Caroliinus. This word is derived from the name Carolus, translated as "Charles."


Dum Spiro Spero: When I Breathe, I Hope

Size of South Carolina

32,021 square miles


4.832 million

Nicknames for South Carolina

The Rice state, The Palmetto state, The Swamp State, The Iodine State, and more.

Two Major Cities

Charleston was founded in 1670 and is known for cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriages. The weather is usually around the 84s but tends to go up and down as the seasons change.

Columbia is not only the capital but it's the largest city in South Carolina. It is also the home to the University of South Carolina, and contains many museums, galleries, hotels, etc.

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The State Quarter

As you can see from above, the quarter highlights the state bird, the Carolina Wren, the state tree, and the Sabal Palmetto.

Fun facts about South Carolina

-Campbell's Covered Bridge built in 1909, is the only remaining covered bridge in South Carolina. Off Hwy 14 near Gowensville.

-South Carolina produces more peaches than anywhere in the country, except California.

-The South Carolina official dance is the Shag


It has a humid weather, with hot summers and mild winters.

Major Industries

Tobacco, soybeans, cotton, and corn for grain are other valuable crops grown in the states. Some others are wheat, peanuts, hay, oat and peaches.

Type of colony

Proprietary, that is when there is only one king in charge and all the land belongs to the king.