STAAR Timing

The time for STAAR is to short

Problem statement

With an average of 50 questions on a STAAR test and only four hours to finish it there should be an hour added to give kids more time to finish and check there work without feeling rushed.


At Medlin middle school an average of 7 to 8 per class rush through the STAAR to finish in result it can get them a bad grade. An average of 4% of Texas students don"t finish the STARR at all. For the four hour test with abut 50 questions each student only has about 4.8 minutues to finish each question.

STAAR graph

Can Be Very Stressful to Students


We are showing our problem to the public since we can't march we have a petition signed by kids to show they want an extra hour of STAAR. Adding one hour to the the STAAR has many pros for kids testing. To help kids from being stressed or failing we want to add an hour to the STAAR test so kids won't rush and have extra time to check there work in result more students should pass and more should finish the test.