This Is How We Lakeview

August 2021 Edition - Volume 3

We made it through week 1!

If your student is anything like mine, they are probably exhausted! We are the earliest start time in the district, so please make sure that your student is getting into a routine and getting to bed at a decent time.

Also, please remind students to bring a bottle of water or refillable bottle with them to school. Even if it is a plastic throw away bottle, they can reuse throughout the day or keep in their locker at the end of the day so they have it the next morning. Water fountains are turned off but we do have the bottle filling stations they can use.

Picture Day is September 8th! Be on the lookout as flyers will be going home with students next week with information on how to order (or see the flyer below with information).

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Reminders from the clinic regarding COVID-19

  • If anyone in the household is being tested for COVID-19, do not send your student to school until you have test results!

  • If your child is absent from school for reasons due to Covid-19, please be sure to call the School Nurse as soon as possible (614-830-2203). This is very important when recording absences and tracking Covid-19 cases in the school building.

  • Please remember to screen your student daily for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever over 100, sudden onset of severe headache, sore throat). If your student has any of these symptoms, please do not send them to school/extra curricular activities.

  • Since masks are optional this year, anyone within 6ft of an individual who has tested positive will be required to quarantine.

  • If your student is a close contact and has been vaccinated, they may continue to attend school and extracurricular activities if they are asymptomatic. They will be required to wear a mask for two weeks after exposure.

Trimester Important Dates

At the junior highs, we are on trimesters so our dates for grading periods do not align with the other levels in the district. Here are the trimester dates.







Junior high cell phone policy

Just wanted to make everyone aware of the junior high cell phone policy. Per Board Policy, students are not allowed to have their cell phones out during the day. If they do bring them, they are to be off and away in their lockers. I have seen several students with cell phones out or bluetooth headphones in. Students are to have wired headphones to use with their Chromebooks. Please keep AirPods and Bluetooth headphones at home! Last year, there were quite a few students who lost one or both of their bluetooth headphones and we were not able to find them as they are too small to be seen on camera. I have attached the board policy below along with the steps that are taken for students if they are not following the policy.
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Dress Code reminders

A few reminders about dress code:

1. Hats and hoods are not to be worn in the hallways and cafeteria

2. Shorts - please make sure that they are an appropriate length, especially when moving or sitting down

3. Shirts - hem should meet top of the waistband, straps should be the width of 2 fingers, and no cutout sleeves

Parent Drop-Off Procedures

Thank you for the adjustment on day 2, it flowed so much better! We went from getting all the students into the building at 7:25 on day 1, to 7:08 on day 2!! This takes a group effort on the part of everyone dropping off and Mrs. Cruse (at the front of the line) and myself (halfway down the line) truly appreciate all of you following our lead! A few quick reminders:

  • Students can enter through any door
  • Please pull up all the way to the sign near the main entrance
  • Have your student exit the vehicle when you get to the sidewalk

Diagnostic testing

This upcoming week will begin our diagnostic testing! Starting Monday August 23rd students will take their Math diagnostic. These diagnostics are used to determine educational groupings in classes and identify any areas that a student may have gaps in their learning. We will use that to help tailor our lessons to help fill gaps and expand upon the material.

Monday August 30th will begin the Reading diagnostic testing.

If your student is absent during the diagnostic we will have them take it upon their return during the make up testing time.

Why are we taking the iReady Diagnostic test?

The purpose of the Diagnostic is not to give your student a score or grade, but instead to determine how best to support your student’s learning. iReady is an adaptive assessment that adjusts each question based on your child’s answer to the previous question. Some questions will be difficult, some easy, while others will be just right. The questioning is designed for teachers to find out what your child knows right now and what skills they will need.

Note: i-Ready will not be used for gifted identification purposes.

When are we taking the iReady Diagnostic test?

Over the next three weeks, we have designed a plan to administer the Reading and Math tests. The schedule and guidance for families will be shared next week for both the hybrid and VLA students.

Lakeview Important Dates and Information

If you were not able to make it to Welcome Days or Open House, I have attached the flyer with all the important Lakeview information below. Please download this as a reference for the school year.

Lakeview Sports are in Full Swing!

Athletic Fee Payment:

If making 1 Payment: $155 - due August 18

If making 2 Payments: $80 - due August 18th & $75 - due September 10th

The Community Corner

Pickerington Bowl for Kids' Sake

Big Brothers Big Sisters has set up a Pickerington Bowl for Kids’ Sake event for September 18th and 19th. They are looking for teacher/school teams to fill the lanes. BBBS has a traveling trophy for the school that brings the most teams and one for the person that raises the most money. The Team Packet is attached. All money raised will support the school-based program in Pickerington. There is also a website for teams to sign up and raise money. They can even raise money on their social media if they are not going to bowl as well as a place for virtual bowlers to just raise funds.

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The Lakeview Family Feedback Form

This form will be linked in each Community Corner update, allowing families to offer feedback to the counseling and administrative team regarding social justice, mental health, academic support, friendships/relationships, etc. Counselors and administrators will review the feedback on a weekly basis and send out any updates to concerns/questions in the next Community Corner update.

2021-2022 School Year Calendar

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