Famous Mushers

By Cooper Sidell and Joanna Rapp

Susan Butcher

  • Born December 26, 1954
  • Went to Colorado State University
  • Won Iditarod four times
  • Died of leukemia in 2006


" I do not know the word 'quit'. Either I never did, or I have abolished it." -Susan Butcher

Jeff King

  • Won 4 times, has 20 top 10 finishes
  • Ceremonial Start - Child selected by Make-A-Wish foundation rides in his sled
  • Won at age 51


Dallas and Mitch Seavey



  • Born in Virginia
  • Youngest Iditarod Champion
  • Set record for quickest time to finish
  • Has won four times
  • Has finished in top 10 eight straight years


  • Raced 13 Iditarod's
  • Oldest man to win
  • Finished second last year

"Challenge yourself, if you really feel passionately about something, you should pursue it, even if it's difficult." -Rachel Scdoris


  • Rick Swenson won 5 times, has 24 top 10 finishes
  • Robert Sorlie - second non-American to win
  • Sorlie Won twice
  • Lance Mackey won Yukon Quest and Iditarod in same year (twice)
  • Lance Also had throat cancer, but survived
  • Aliy Zirkle finished third in 2016
  • Martin Buser has won four times
  • Doug Swingley has won four times


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