Sydney Spoerl, the great tennis pro

by: Madeline Sgan

Sydney Spoerl's special talent

Sydney Spoerl is an amazing tennis player!!! She has beat many people's records, including the men's and woman's. She has been playing for two years, and her team is called the lions. I met up with her in Kenya a few days ago to ask her a few questions...

Madeline: Is the sport you play fun?

Sydney: Yes

Madeline: How long have you played?


Madeline: How many times a day do you practice?


Madeline:How many teams have you been on?


Madeline: Where were you born?

Sydney: Tallahassee F.L.

Madeline: What inspired you to start playing?

Sydney:I went to summer camp with my friend, Samantha.

Madeline: Are you in the Olympics?

Sydney: No, but i want too.

Madeline: How many people are on your team?

Sydney: 6

Madeline: How many times did you win on your team?

Sydney: 5

Madeline: What is your team name?

Sydney: The Lions

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