Living with a child who has Autism

Jess Bradshaw

About Benny

I am a single mother who has a child with autism. His name is Benny who is 6 years old and although he is difficult, i wouldn't change him for the world. Benny is non verbal and sometimes aggressive. He cannot read or tell me why he is sad or annoyed. But the way he he listens to me and follows my directions are outstanding. Raising a child with autism is a constant challenge, and being his mother is an exhausting challenge but a crazy experience.

An average night

Benny usually has a routine before he gets into bed. Around 8.00pm i tell Benny that it is time for him to get ready for bed. On good nights he will peacefully go to the toilet, brush his teeth, get his pjs on, walk to his room and fall asleep on his own. On other nights, he screams, cries and becomes quite aggressive. Most nights like this, i will have to lie with him in bed and rub his back until he falls asleep, no one can predict how long this will take.

Before school

As being a single mother, most things i have to do to get Benny ready is done on my own. I get up early, get his clothes ready for the day, make his breakfast, set out his medications. I would give him a hand with dressing, brushing his teeth and putting on his shoes. Depending on the day and the mood he is in, is how easy it is to get him ready. He has been coming more and more independent every day but still needs my hands with little things.

Autism doesn't make him any different from anyone else!

Benny does have autism, but this doesn't make him any different from every other kid. He is still a kind hearted child who sees the world a little differently. He has a wide imagination who's full of stories and wild dreams. Give him a chance.